Getting Started in Escape from Tarkov: A New Player’s Guide – Crucial Tips and Tricks

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Getting Started in Escape from Tarkov: A New Player's Guide – Crucial Tips and Tricks

One essential aspect of Escape from Tarkov is choosing between the two factions, USEC or BEAR. While the differences between these factions are currently minimal, it’s still a crucial first step. Additionally, utilizing Scav characters is highly recommended for beginners as a way to get acquainted with the game’s various mechanics and maps.

We will provide you with useful tips and strategies to ensure you have a successful start in the war-torn city of Tarkov. Get ready to embark on a thrilling and challenging journey filled with intense firefights, tactical decision-making, and the chance to prove yourself among seasoned players.

Understanding the Game Basics

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, let’s explore the essentials together and level up your knowledge.

Choosing Your Faction

In Escape from Tarkov, players must choose between two factions: USEC and BEAR. Both factions have unique traits and specializations, making this decision crucial to your overall gameplay strategy.

Character Selection and Customization

After selecting a faction, players can customize their characters through various options, such as appearance and starting gear. This allows for a personalized gameplay experience as you dive into the world of Tarkov.

PMC Vs. Scav

There are two main roles in Escape from Tarkov: PMC and Scav. PMC refers to your primary character, who must enter each raid with their own gear. On the other hand, Scav gameplay allows players to enter raids as AI-controlled characters, bringing the potential to escape with free gear without risking their main character’s equipment.

Game Mechanisms

Learn more as we unravel the intricate systems that make gaming experiences truly immersive and engaging.

The Raid Mechanism

In Escape from Tarkov, players participate in Raids, where the primary goal is to loot, gather resources, and extract. Raids involve risk-taking, as players can encounter enemy players and AI-controlled opponents. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with maps and extraction points to increase your chances of success.

Health and Healing

Health is a critical aspect of the game, with realistic injuries and a learning curve in treating them. Players must manage their Health and make use of medical supplies to heal, prevent bleeding, and even fix fractures.

Energy and Hydration

Escape from Tarkov also features energy and hydration systems. Manage these aspects by consuming food and water during Raids to maintain your character’s performance.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for both looting and equipping items. Players will need to balance weight, size, and value when choosing what items to keep and which to discard or trade.

Understanding Maps

As a new player, it’s vital to study and understand maps. This includes extraction points, key locations for loot, and areas where encounters with hostile players or AI are more likely.

Equipment and Gear

The gateway to the world of tools, weapons, and equipment in various realms. Discover the gear that defines heroes and adventurers across gaming landscapes.

Understanding Weapons

In Escape from Tarkov, weapons are an essential part of your loadout. Each weapon has different stats, handling, and accuracy. It’s crucial to understand how different guns work, their modding options, and the best ammunition to use with them.

Choosing Your Armor

Armor is critical for protecting your character from damage. You’ll need to choose a suitable vest and helmet based on their protection ratings and durability. Keep in mind that high-quality armor can be heavy and slow down your movement.

Equipment Loadout

Your loadout should include weapons, ammo, armor, and rigs to optimize your character’s performance. Consider the weight and space of each item in your inventory, as well as your intended playstyle. Some players prefer light, agile loadouts, while others opt for a heavy, tank-like setup.

Modding Weapons

Weapon modding allows you to enhance your firearms by adding parts and attachments such as scopes, suppressors, and grips. This can significantly improve your weapon’s accuracy, handling, and lethality. Experiment with various configurations to discover the best setup for your play style.

In this guide, we covered important aspects of gear, including understanding weapons, choosing armor, crafting load-outs, and modding guns. By mastering these areas, you’ll be well-equipped to survive and thrive in Escape from Tarkov.

Getting Started in Escape from Tarkov: A New Player's Guide – Crucial Tips and Tricks

Navigating Maps and Locations

This section will guide you to explore virtual worlds and chart uncharted territories. Join us as we decode maps and uncover the secrets of diverse game landscapes.

Map Familiarization

When starting in Escape from Tarkov, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the maps. Each map, like Customs, Factory, Woods, Shoreline, Interchange, and The Lab, has its unique layout and points of interest. Studying maps, watching tutorials, and practicing offline will help you learn the locations better.

Learning Extraction Points

Extraction points are crucial to successful raids. Each map has specific extraction locations for PMCs and Scavs. It’s important to know where these points are and how to reach them while avoiding dangerous areas.

Safe Routes

Planning safe routes on maps like Customs or Interchange helps minimize the risk of encounters with other players and AI. While it might take longer to reach your destination or extraction point, prioritizing safety in some cases can increase your chances of survival and success.

Progressing through the Game

Here, you’ll unlock the keys to advancing in your favorite games. Learn strategies, tips, and tactics to level up your Battlelog journey.

Undertaking Quests

As we progress in Escape from Tarkov, completing quests is essential for gaining valuable experience points (Exp) and rewards. We should accept tasks from various traders in-game characters that offer quests and complete them diligently.

Leveling and Skills

By earning Exp, we improve our character’s level and unlock new skills. We should focus on leveling up skills such as strength, endurance, and medicine, which will enhance our in-game performance and survival chances.

Building Reputation

Building a reputation with in-game traders is crucial for unlocking better equipment and resources. We can increase our reputation by completing quests, selling items, and leveling up our character. A higher reputation will grant us access to more valuable and rare items to help us survive in Tarkov.


We understand that getting started in Escape from Tarkov can be daunting for new players. With the Beginner’s Guide and New Player’s Guide at your side, we’re confident you’ll master the basics in no time. Remember to stay patient, learn from each raid, and adapt your strategies. Good luck, and happy escaping!