Benefits GamStop Users Can Find In Video Games

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You may know that when on GamStop you shouldn’t and you can’t play casino games. But, you can still play video games. These are not affected by GamStop and there is no reason why you should stop. As a matter of fact, you can get certain benefits in this scenario, and below we will discuss all of them and help you understand why video games can be useful in this particular case.

GamStop: What Is It And Why Players Use It

Benefits GamStop Users Can Find In Video Games

If you are new to the exclusion you need to know a few things. The main goal here is obvious. You will create an account at the casino and they will block access to all UKGC gambling websites. As such, you won’t be able to gamble at these casinos. You will have to wait until the self-exclusion ends and only then you can play casino games again. This basically gives you enough time to work on your gambling addiction and solve it before you can play casino games again. It’s important to note, however, that there are some casino sites not registered with GamStop that accept players from the United Kingdom and do not have any limitations, meaning they don’t fall under the restrictions of the UKGC. These non-GamStop casinos could still be accessed, although doing so might not be in the best interest of those seeking help with a gambling addiction.

It is important to add that you cannot cancel self-exclusion in GamStop casinos. There is no way to do that! If you have selected a 5-year long plan you will have to stick to it. When it expires, you can contact customer support and you will be ready to gamble again, after 24 hours.

Benefits All GamStop Users Can Expect From Video Games

Believe it or not, there are some benefits here. These are effective and something you can use as an addition to the treatment. What this means is that you can play video games and lose the desire to gamble. You will still have a great time and you will enjoy it more than ever before. But you won’t lose any money, make the addiction worse, or anything like that.

The main benefit here is mental stimulation. When a person plays casino games, his brain works in a specific way. He is focused, interested in what he is doing, and wants to relax as much as possible. Video games offer the same thing. You will still be relaxed, have a great time and you will want to enjoy more. Just make sure to pick a game that you will like and one you can play for hours.

You will sit in front of a computer. Most gamblers play using their PC. They will have to sit in front of the computer for hours and use the computer mouse. Playing video games is basically the same. Yes, you may have to use a keyboard but this is only an addition and nothing more. What this means is that a person doesn’t have to feel like he lost something. Using a PC is not forbidden once you are on GamStop self-exclusion. You can enjoy the same thing and you can do something you are familiar with. 

You won’t have to risk your money. For the lack of a better word, playing video games is free. At least it can be free. You can play free video games and eliminate the risk of using your real money. This is a huge advantage and something you need to try as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that you need to play free video games that are suitable for you and your addiction.

Things GamStop Users Should Avoid In Video Games

Benefits GamStop Users Can Find In Video Games

Sadly, some top video games are not ideal for GamStop users. Here are a few examples. Here we will have to cover all of them. All you need to know is that each type can be dangerous and can cause the same issues as gambling or can make you want to gamble again. 

  • Games With In-Game Currency

These are not ideal for people who are on GamStop. Basically, you have a game where you can earn money and use it inside the game. You can even have a rich character in the game. This is something that will force you to look at the money of the game more and more. In addition, this means that you may want to use real money in order to advance in the game better. 

Always look for free video games. There are a lot of them so you can always find the one that you really like. The ones that have money in them are not suitable. 

  • Loot Boxes In Games

This is a huge problem for gamblers who have an addiction and want to reduce it. Loot boxes are something you will get in the game and make your character or your profile stronger, better, etc. However, usually, you don’t know what you are going to get. Same as in gambling. Then you can use real money to buy these boxes. You will spend money, like gambling. Avoid games that contain loot boxes. 

  • Social Casinos 

These are not treated as gambling sites but they operate in the same way. You will play casino games for free and you can use real money to buy credit to play longer. Without it, you will have to rely on winning or wait a specific period before you can play. These are a huge problem for users and therefore they need to be aware of GamStop

The Final Word

When you are on GamStop you can and you should play video games. These can help and make your recovery time easier and less stressful. On the other hand, some of these games can be bad and can make you want to gamble even more. Those games you must avoid at all costs.