Blood Hunt Live Player Count & Statistics 2024


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Blood Hunt Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

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The number of Blood Hunt active players you see above is the closest estimate of how many people are playing Blood Hunt all over the world in real-time. This figure is estimated using our Gohost Network Protocol technology, otherwise known as GNP.

Blood Hunt Overview

Game DeveloperSharkmob AB
Release DateApril 27, 2022
Registered Users1.2 million
GenreAction, Battle Royale
Available Platform(s)PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Blood Hunt Live Player Count 2024

  • Blood Hunt has 578 daily active players with an all-time high of 29,008.
  • The number of monthly active Blood Hunt users is more than 300,000.
  • To date, Blood Hunt has more than 1.2 million registered users.
  • Blood Hunt is most popular in United kingdom with 25% of players

Blood Hunt Monthly Active Players

As of 2024, Blood Hunt has around 300,00 active monthly users.

Here are the stats for active monthly players for Blood Hunt over the last few months.

MonthActive PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days469.0847
March 2024502.7916
February 2024508.61,009
January 2024503.9920
December 2023531.71,181
November 2023659.71,234
October 2023733.91,424
September 2023660.41,240
August 2023685.61,147
July 2023746.01,226
June 2023783.31,311
May 2023896.91,746
April 20231,134.92,182
March 2023948.12,214
February 2023809.31,504
January 2023871.01,566
December 2022757.11,524
November 2022525.21,024
October 2022431.01,053
September 2022510.21,045
August 2022681.31,428
July 20221,218.22,680
June 20222,813.07,366
May 202213,008.129,008
April 20221,750.123,571
March 2022253.43,779
February 202228.8111
January 202226.9131
December 202126.9143
November 2021746.12,167
October 20212,425.85,810
September 20219,486.020,433

Countries With The Most Blood Hunt Players

Blood Hunt is most popular in United Kingdom in 2024, with 25% percentage of Blood Hunt players from United Kingdom, followed by America with 20% players, and Canada with 10% players.

CountryPercentage of Blood Hunt Players
United Kingdom25%

Blood Hunt Key Statistics 2024

  • Blood Hunt has a total lifetime revenue of $108.1M.
  • ​​13-29 age group has the most number of Blood Hunt players.
  • Blood Hunt has generated over $108.1M in revenue since its release. 
  • Over the last few years, Blood Hunt generated , $53.5m in 2022 and $36.5m in 2023 in revenue.

Blood Hunt Player Demographics

Blood Hunt player demographics for age and gender can be found below:

Age Distribution 2024: What age mostly plays Blood Hunt?

Blood Hunt is most popular among players in the age group 13-29 with a total of 34% players.

However, there is no screening when it comes to Blood Hunt registrations, so no one can determine an actual value for Blood Hunt age distribution.

Age GroupPercentage of Users

Blood Hunt Gender Demographics 2024

According to our research, 60% of Blood Hunt players are male and 40% are female.

Male Players60%
Female Player40%

Blood Hunt Twitch Stats

Twitch, being a major platform for Blood Hunt players, has seen a considerable number of streamers and viewers over the last few years.

Hours Watched377.7K
Peak Viewers1,550
Average Viewers221
Live Views+1000
Airtime6 Hours

Blood Hunt has 20.2K followers with approximately 6000 viewers on Twitch as of 2024.

Top 3 Blood Hunt videos based on views are:

  1. Shroud insane quick scopes on Bloodhunt with 66,794 views
  2. the big donation was a lie with 61,778 views
  3. Fav game with 49,351 views

Blood Hunt Top Streamers 2024

BlckGoddess is the top Blood Hunt streamer of 2024 in Blood Hunt global rankings. xSwipeyx is the second most popular player/streamer of Blood Hunt followed by Drooooooooooopy.

BlckGoddess12,751 hours
xSwipeyx9,648 hours
Drooooooooooopy4,601 hours


Is Blood Hunt down?

Click here to check the server status of Blood Hunt.

How many Blood Hunt players are male?

For Blood Hunt 60% of players are male, while 40% are female as of 2024.

Is Blood Hunt Cross platform? 

NO,  Blood Hunt is not cross platform.   

What is the release date of Blood Hunt?

Blood Hunt was released on April 27, 2022 and is now available globally.

Shroud insane quick scopes on Bloodhunt is the the most popular video for Blood Hunt.