Bonus Rounds and Features in Real-Money Sweepstakes Slots

The gambling industry has evolved quite a bit over the years.  Sitman and Pit invented the first gambling machine in 1891.  Thereafter Charles Fey took things to a new level with the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, seeing the light of day in 1895.

During 1963 and 1976, more turning points came about with both the first electromechanical machine and the first Video Slot machine being developed. A landmark achievement was recorded in 1994 when the first online casino was introduced to the world.

Bonus rounds were introduced in 1996.  When players activated a bonus round, they would be directed to a new screen where they could play a further bonus game, thereby increasing winnings.

Sweepstake slots have also evolved in recent times to offer players a different kind of gaming experience.  Sweeps coins slots offer players a chance at game play without the hassle of using their own money.  This revolutionary game play has also offered ways of circumventing strict country gambling regulations. 

The role of bonus rounds in sweepstakes slots

The role of bonus rounds in sweepstakes slots

In sweepstake slots, bonus rounds can vary in type and availability.  It can range from an extra free spin to sign-in or welcome bonuses.  The aim hereof is to enhance the gaming experience of the player. 

 It’s an enticing carrot in front of the nose if you can proverbially “gamble away someone else’s money”.  These bonus rounds also offer a player the chance of more frequent and higher payouts. 

Common types of bonus rounds

Knowledge is key in everything, especially with online gaming.  Understanding the various types of bonus rounds can just lead to a win-win situation for everyone:

  •  Free Spins

The premise of a free spin refers to a certain number of “plays” that are made available to a player, which can be used on certain identified games at a casino.

  • Pick’em Bonuses

This seems to be by far the easiest bonus to win in online gaming.  Certain items on the screen can be selected after which a win is revealed.

  • Cascading Reels:

With cascading reels, certain winning symbols disappear throughout the course of the game.  These are then replaced with new symbols offering a player a better chance at a win.

Special features in sweepstakes slots

Special features in sweepstakes slots

Sweepstake slots have a certain number of unique features.  Understanding these will help to enhance the player’s overall gaming experience:

  • Wild Symbols

Wild symbols perform a substitution function, whereby they replace any regular symbol to help a player achieve a winning combination.  Wild symbols are only used on regular play and not on bonus rounds.

  • Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are a player’s best friend.  They provide bonus prizes and have the potential to unlock bonus rounds in play.  Scatter symbols randomly appear on a real.

  • Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier symbols do exactly what the name states – multiply.  They multiply a win by a certain, indicated amount, e.g., x2 or x500.  Only appearing in certain slot games, they vary between the bonus rounds or in the base game itself.

  •  Gamble Feature

Gamble features allow players a chance to take a gamble.  If, for example, you do a coin toss, the aim would be for you to gamble on which side the coin would land on, e.g., Heads or Tails.  The probability of a win on these is 50/50.

Strategies to Maximize Bonus Features

It can be a drag to read the Terms and Conditions on a gaming site but can save you a lot of heartache in the future.  Reading before playing is especially crucial on bonus-round plays.  Learning what is required and how payouts are calculated are usually explained clearly.  Make sure to familiarize yourself therewith to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

Using betting strategies to try and enhance your playing experience is also a tool to use.  Some strategies that can be helpful are:

  • What are the odds?

Make sure you are aware of the odds to win in a game.  The higher the odds, the smaller the chance of a win, but the higher the payout.

  • Start small!

It’s enticing to aim for a big jackpot win, but the probability of experiencing a big loss is just the same.  Perhaps try and focus on more frequent smaller wins than trying to shoot the big guns.

  • Budgeting is key.

Decide beforehand how much time and “money” you plan to spend on your gameplay.  Stick to your system and avoid overspending on both, as this can cost you dearly.

Importance of RTP and volatility in relation to bonus features

In the gambling environment, slot volatility basically refers to the number of times and the amount of payout a slot machine gives.  It varies between low and high volatility.  Low volatility essentially indicates a more regular payout and high volatility a less frequent payout, but the amount is higher.

The Return to Player (RTP) amount is how much reward is paid back to the player, e.g., a $100 payout for every $150 plaid.  Choosing slot games with high RTP and low volatility would seem then to be the best rule of thumb, but, as with anything, this is not guaranteed. 

Planning whether the winning amount on offer compared to the possibility of an actual win is worth the risk, would be key. 


Bonus rounds on Sweepstake Slots are a valuable gaming tool.  It promotes the overall learning and gaming experience of a player and allows one the chance at play without the associated risk. 

 Doing due diligence from a player’s side to ensure knowledgeable play is an important side factor in the whole equation.  Most online gaming sites offer straightforward guidelines on what each game play entails, as well as the bonus rounds. 

If these are followed and games are played wisely, it offers an overall pleasant experience for everyone.