DeltaMath Review: What is DeltaMath?

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What is DeltaMath?

DeltaMath lets teachers make math tasks for middle and high school students online. Students only need an email and a code or link from their teacher to join. They can see upcoming, done, and late tasks on their dashboard, even if they’re in many DeltaMath classes.

Tasks have different types of questions and interactive models. After each answer, there’s a detailed solution. It helps students learn from their mistakes. You can filter assignments by grade level or topic. You can also check students’ recent answers.

In the test fix task, students show which questions they got wrong. The teacher matched each question to a skill, so students get a special practice set. Teachers can choose how to score, like doing a certain number of questions or getting a few right in a row. The system checks these tries, and both the student and teacher see the new scores.

The test correction tool helps with practice that’s tailored to each person to strengthen their skills.The interface and practice exercises are not very easy or interesting, and it takes a while to prepare the test fixes.

How Can I Teach With DeltaMath?

DeltaMath has a cool feature. You can connect test items as corrections. It needs time to set up and link items, especially for long tests. But the personalized activities and self-scoring are worth it. The problem log might look busy. It shows when students answer questions.

But you can search by student name, assignment, or skill. Teachers should use test corrections for all tests, not just unit ones. One way to support students who need extra help is by offering review sessions. These sessions can include practice problems related to the current unit.

Another idea is to use students’ progress logs to track their performance in class challenges. You can also create friendly competitions between classes to motivate students to do their best.

DeltaMath Review: What is DeltaMath?

How Good DeltaMath Is For Learning?

Even though DeltaMath Plus offers more tools for teachers, the free version still works well. Making assignments is easy, and the test correction tool can help teachers save time. DeltaMath has guided lessons for some skills, which can help teachers give different tasks and support students.

Students might not love the interface, but the test correction feature alone could make it worth trying the free version.

Engagement★★★☆☆FAQs and videos assist users in understanding the program. Students get clear explanations for wrong answers when they log in. Adding language choices or read-aloud features ensures all kids can use it.
Easy To Use★★★☆☆DeltaMath offers unique features like test corrections and some interactive lessons. It doesn’t cover all Common Core State Standards, and not all skills have guided lessons. However, you can request a skill or give suggestions.
Support★★★☆☆FAQs and videos assist users understand the program. Students get clear explanations for wrong answers when they log in. Adding language choices or read-aloud features ensures all kids can use it.