Diablo Immortal Player Count And Statistics 2023 – How Many People Are Playing?

10.3 million players online

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Note: The 10.3 million active players you see is an estimate calculated using our Gohost Network Protocol technology, also known as GNP.

Diablo Immortal Player Count And Statistics 2023 - How Many People Are Playing

Diablo Immortal Overview

Game DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
Release DateJune 2, 2022
Official WebsiteOfficial Website
GenreAction role-playing game
Available Platform(s)Android, iOS

About Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a mobile entry in the long-standing Diablo series developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on June 2, 2022, and offers both Android and iOS users the chance to step into the world of Sanctuary.

The game continues the legacy of the Diablo universe, offering a rich lore complete with an array of new dungeons, demons, and treasures.

A major advantage of Diablo Immortal is its accessibility; it allows gamers to explore, raid, and trade on the go. With robust single-player quests and multiplayer dungeons, it presents a comprehensive RPG experience for mobile gamers.

One of the key features is its dynamic world, where large-scale public and private events can take place, contributing to a living, evolving environment.

About Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Monthly Active Player Count

The monthly active player count for Diablo Immortal stands at an impressive 10.3 million as of September 2023. This figure is not only an indicator of the game’s widespread appeal but also its ability to maintain a dedicated player base.

The numbers are real-time and are calculated using Gohost Network Protocol technology. The robust online community adds to the overall gaming experience, as it results in quicker matchmaking, more competitive leaderboards, and a more vibrant in-game economy.

Diablo Immortal Historical Player Count (Detailed Stats)

Diablo Immortal has shown a consistent growth pattern since its launch in June 2022. The average active player count for the last three months stands at approximately 132,000.

The game reached its all-time high with 11.2K players gaming simultaneously. The upward trajectory in player counts suggests that Diablo Immortal has not only attracted a large audience but also managed to retain it.

Various seasonal events, updates, and community engagement activities are some of the factors contributing to its growing popularity.

Diablo Immortal Historical Player Count (Detailed Stats)

Diablo Immortal Twitch Stats

Avg Viewers10.6K
Avg Channels (last 3 months)1,234
Peak Viewers (All time)10.3M
Peak Channels (All time)10.6K

Diablo Immortal Key Statistics

Diablo Immortal has distinguished itself in several key areas:

  • Revenue: The game has garnered over $5.5 billion since its release, making it a commercial success.
  • Age Demographics: The majority of players belong to the 18-35 age group, a demographic known for heavy engagement in gaming.
  • Global Appeal: Diablo Immortal has a strong global following, with large player bases in China, South Korea, and Japan.
  • Game Modes: The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing for a variety of gameplay experiences.
  • Customization: Extensive character customization options have been instrumental in keeping players engaged over time.

Diablo Immortal Key Statistics

Diablo Immortal Revenue

Diablo Immortal has been a monumental financial success for Blizzard Entertainment. Since its release, the game has generated over $5.5 billion in revenue.

A variety of monetization strategies have been employed, including in-app purchases for cosmetics and functional items, a premium subscription model, and seasonal passes that offer unique rewards.

These revenue streams ensure that the game remains profitable while still providing significant content updates and quality-of-life improvements for the players.

Diablo Immortal Age Distribution

The majority of players for Diablo Immortal fall within the 18-35 age bracket. This demographic is generally known for being more active in online gaming communities, often spending both time and money on their gaming endeavors.

Their engagement is a significant factor in Diablo Immortal’s large-scale success and high revenue generation.

Diablo Immortal Age Distribution

Diablo Immortal Gender Demographics

As per the most recent data, Diablo Immortal shows a well-balanced gender distribution, with Male Players constituting 45.8% and Female Players making up 54.2% of the community.

This balance contributes to a more inclusive gaming environment and showcases the game’s wide-ranging appeal.

Top Countries Playing Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has truly become a global phenomenon. While it enjoys popularity worldwide, it has a particularly strong player base in China, South Korea, and Japan.

These countries have historically shown great interest in role-playing games, and the culturally rich storylines and intense action of Diablo Immortal seem to resonate exceptionally well with these audiences.

Top Countries Playing Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal System Requirements

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, certain system requirements must be met:

  • Minimum: Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 11.0
  • Recommended: Android 9.0 Pie or iOS 13.0


How many active players are in Diablo Immortal?

The game boasts approximately 10.3 million active players.

Who is the #1 Diablo Immortal player?

There is no public data to determine the top player as of now.

What are the top 3 Diablo Immortal player bases by country?

China, South Korea, and Japan have the largest player bases for Diablo Immortal.

Is the game free to play?

Diablo Immortal is free to play with optional in-app purchases.

How can I check real-time statistics?

This page is updated in real-time. Refresh the page to view the most current statistics.