How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player

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Let us be frank: many gamers consider other people “real” gamers when they choose something stereotypically hardcore or “true,” like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, The Elder Scrolls, GTA, etc. Nevertheless, many casual gamers exist and ARE part of the gaming community, even though they rather play Genshin Impact than The Legend of Zelda. 

In addition, casual entertainment can be so fun that even hardcore fans can enjoy it. So, we will focus on how to pick the best casual game for 10/10 entertainment! 

What Are Casual Games? 

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
Casual games are often unchallenging and require only some time daily.

Casual game definition

In the briefest explanation possible, we can say that casual games are mass-market, meaning…

  • They do not require any hobbyist-level skills. 
  • They have simple controls. 
  • Their design includes a simplified user interface. 
  • Their objectives/tasks/events/mini-games are optimal for a short session (a gamer can usually complete them during a lunch break or spend 10-30 minutes daily).
  • As a rule, those are well-known games like card games/matching with enhanced visuals and a storyline. Casual entertainment can be repetitive; just levels’ complexity grows.


Like with hardcore games, simpler entertainment for a mass player can have any genre. That can be an arcade app, strategy, life simulators, word-centered games, etc. Some apps for casual players combine two genres; for instance, it can be an adventure with some puzzles and mini-games.

What are the best FREE casual games in 2023? 

Of all the best free casual games in 2023, we can recommend Solitaire Social

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
Solitaire Social is the best casual game!

That is a card game emphasizing “social” since the app connects you to another person you compete against. The fastest player who completes the sequences with minimum drawbacks gets additional points and much greater rewards. 

In parallel, there is a magical garden you can explore, decorate to your best liking, and enhance. This casual card game is an adventure that can entertain you for hours or provide you with 15 minutes of fun daily. 

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
Your adventure starts with a tutorial…

This app has a nice bright design, a simple yet consistent story, and many opportunities to test your Solitaire skills. The game has additional bonuses like 

  • Magic — this special symbol unblocks cards but also serves as an in-game currency that lets you purchase décor for your garden!
  • Joker — that one lets you place a card in any field, thus letting you maneuver and complete the sequence much faster.
  • Freezer spell ensures your opponent cannot move for twenty seconds, allowing you to use that additional time for your calculations and maneuvers. 
  • A magnet lets players move the cards faster. That is a must-have for those who will play on PC if there are mouse sensitivity issues. 
  • And other special boosts and perks! 

Players earn these bonuses and spells by completing tasks and competitions but can also get them during events and contests. The game can be 100% free to play; still, there is an option to buy these boosts, but that is not obligatory. 

BUT! The most important thing about this app is its strong community. Solitarians from all corners of Earth unite as the game has many interface languages. And here is what casual gamers mention: 

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
Solitaire Social reviews

Solitaire Social is a 10/10 relaxing casual game with a great multiplayer system that brings people together. It has many levels for all playstyles, which optimizes difficulty for players. In addition, the app offers many perks, incentivizes social interaction, and is just the legit best casual game in 2023. 

How to Find the Best Casual Game for You? 

Unchallenging games can bore you with their repetitiveness quite fast. Moreover, such entertainment tends to have systems you can understand, making an easy game even easier. So, an app must have something more than a set of 90% identical tasks and challenges. That is why it is best to focus on applications with…

#1 Good narrative in your favorite genre 

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
An interesting story is important!

A light yet dynamic and consistent story can carry an app with the most boring gameplay. Most casual players prefer learning about lore, characters, and their interactions while fighting/grinding is secondary. So, advancing and beating more levels becomes a task for progressing in a story, not just killing time mindlessly! 

What makes a good story in a game? 

  • Consistent style. A story becomes more recognizable and memorable when a unique style immerses us in an alternative universe. 
  • Different characters (with their unusual dreams, complex backgrounds, and straight goals). There must be NPCs that look different, have special details, and can share a story creating communication between a player and the digital world. Also, it is great when you can find a character you relate to. Another good scenario is when there is a relationship system, and you can dive into episodes that help your emotions bloom. 
  • Various locations. Staying in one spot will make you feel as if you are in stagnation. The background must tell you more about this universe, and these locations should also be nicely detailed. 
  • A goal to reach. Purposeless games are boring. Like, yeah, let’s play another round of cards. And? That is getting repetitive. But when you have a GOAL, like building your dream house, decorating a unique garden, finding a legendary treasure, or beating the Great Bad Evil, gameplay becomes at least a bit more interesting. 

Moreover, up-to-date technology and talented game artists can create amazing visuals to help players immerse themselves in a plot. Game studios also hire professional story writers to entertain you with plot twists, mysteries, and secrets. 

For instance, casual gamers who like suspense and mystery can play a simple puzzle game to watch the main character unravel a strange detective case. Comedy enjoyers can easily find an adventure with family-friendly jokes or memes. Romantic gamers have many dating and life simulators that only require a couple of taps to evoke real emotions — etc., etc.

#2 Balanced game monetization 

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
The power of credit cards should not be abused!

That must be the #1 practical consideration when you want to find your best casual game. Let’s be 100% honest and clear: ALL games are at least partly created for monetization purposes (ESPECIALLY gachas). Most free-to-play games will eventually block your progress with a barely beatable level or boss fight, and the app will “incentivize” you to spend real money to buy a digital sword/armor/boost/etc. 

Sure, there can be a payment system. That should be available to everyone, but the game should be beatable even without purchases. Do not fall for an application that gives you a special $5934938.392 offer banner with a “limited” something that might not even win you a round. Obtrusive banners, artificially complexified levels, and zero friendliness to casual gamers cannot make the best game. 

#3 Graphics and art styles you appreciate

How to Pick the Best Game for You if You Are a Casual Player
Balanced surroundings and unique characters make it all better!

A blank game will likely bore you to sleepiness. Colorful characters, new places, and smooth animations make a better enjoyable story. Of course, those graphics can be simple, but that simplicity should be distinctive, harmonious, and logical. 

#4 Sufficient rewards 

Each round, encounter, fight, and quest should reward you. Furthermore, those rewards should be optimal to let you buy more digital gear, boosts, perks, healing potions, etc. In addition, more challenging quests must give you something like a special currency or a limited gift since you have spent more effort to complete that challenge. 

A game that gives you the minimum and gets only harder if you do not buy items for real money is NOT the top choice. 

#5 A friendly community (optional)

Communities can be 10/10 resources with guides, fan content, and like-minded people who share your hobby. While you may remain a lone wolf who only plays in campaign modes, multiplayer and social groups can create memories you will cherish. So, a good game is even better with a respectful, helpful, and diverse community. 

Also-o-o, avoid entertainment with toxic communities. Some people get unnecessarily competitive and have no chill. Conversations with such players can get ugly, and that is not what a regular gamer wants during a day that should have been cozy. 

Final Words 

Casual gamers matter. We are glad that the industry creates high-quality content for those who play games to chill and have fun. May you find the top game that will entertain you! Follow the outlined five steps to achieve that. 

Happy gaming!