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This game has a city, state, and worldwide ranking per hero, and your ranks are determined by how well you (or your team) perform at the end of every battle.

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In a 60-player action combat title, players are offered mobility powered by parkour and a grappling hook. Included is a vast arsenal of melee and ranged weapons.

You are placed on Morus Island to battle, and players can queue up for either solo games or trios. You can also choose from more than several different characters with skills shown below:

Viper Ning: The Crimson Viper. As beautiful as she is, she is deadly—the Blind Blademaster of West Kunlun. Viper Ning’s very blood has long been saturated with deadly poison. She stands atop the precipice of all humankind, her blades always ready.

The mulch: The grasslands shall be wreaked by furious gales the day that Temulch awakens his inner power. His ancestral legends are burned into his mind, and the glory he seeks is so near he can almost taste it. The Grey Wolf shall strike again.

Yoto Hime: None can evade the blows from her demonic blade, and she leaves a trail of corpses in her wake. When the dust settles, she becomes weighed down with guilt and all the blood upon her hands.

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Valda Cui: a Descendent of a general, sighed at the way fate had unfolded as she headed abroad. Yet she harbored great ambition, her mind full of plans and ideas. A remarkable woman is skilled at debating and using those around her, she’s a most talented figure that fights for the justice she holds dear.

Tarka Ji: Live fast, drink well, and be merry. Behind the name of the Drunken Brave stands a man with love for freedom as strong as his passion for drinking. His indomitable spirit lends him strength in the face of adversity.

Matari: Her skills are honed by the windy deserts; she is swift as an eagle. Upon further mastering an ancient secret art, she now roams the ruins much like a phantom devil. She is a graceful assassin and nightmare incarnate for those in power.

Tsuchimikado Kurumi: Known as the Flower of Helios. Naturally gifted, she continues an ancient line of Onmyoji masters. So Kurumi set out from her homeland in search of mystery and to perfect her Onmyodo skills.

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Tianhai: During his travels throughout the lands, he finally found his calling: to save this world, even if it meant his sacrifice. With the might of a raging thunder, he transforms into a titanic Vajra warrior that smites all before it. More About NARAKA BLADEPOINT.

Top Countries Playing NARAKA BLADEPOINT

Top Countries Playing NARAKA BLADEPOINT

Below you will find stats on the top five countries by active daily participation.

United States of America United States – 21.23%

Vietnam Vietnam – 8.98%

Korea Republic of Republic of Korea – 5.67%

Taiwan Taiwan – 5.20%

Germany Germany – 3.07%

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