Orange essence guide

Orange essence guide

Hextech crafting is the best way of consistently acquiring skins without having to pay RP directly for them. 

However, instead of RP, there is a crafting currency named Orange Essence that adds a layer of complexity and strategy to the hextech crafting process.

What is orange essence?

Orange essence is an integral Hextech crafting material that turns skin shards into permanently owned skins on your account.

Depending on skin rarity, every skin tier demands a specific amount of orange essence in order to be upgraded to a skin permanent.

Skin valueOrange essence required
520 RP220Orange essence guide
750 RP450Orange essence guide
975 RP675Orange essence guide
1350 RP1050Orange essence guide
1820 RP1520Orange essence guide
3250 RP2950Orange essence guide

When upgrading a skin shard, the essence will be consumed and deducted from your account, which makes it a valuable currency that should be spent in moderation.

Generally, you should aim to spend OE wisely as upgrading skins to permanents is one of the few ways of increasing your account value without spending any money.

How to get orange essence?


Disenchanting is the primary method of obtaining orange essence as you can disenchant almost every cosmetic item you receive through hextech crafting.

Disenchanting skins is the most frequent scenario in which you’ll acquire OE and this is how much essence you receive based on a specific skin.

Skin valueOrange essence when disenchanted
520 RP104Orange essence guide
750 RP150Orange essence guide
975 RP195Orange essence guide
1350 RP270Orange essence guide
1820 RP364Orange essence guide
3250 RP650Orange essence guide

Given how few essences you get by disenchanting compared to how much OE enchanting requires, it’s not a bad idea to disenchant high-rarity skins you don’t intend to unlock.

Apart from skins, you can also disenchant just about anything including emotes, ward skins, and champion Eternals, which is a great way to passively acquire orange essence.

Orange essence guide

Event passes

Purchasing event passes will provide you with a big boost to your orange essence balance because of the bonus rewards you get through pass leveling.

The most common method of farming OE through events is by leveraging the event shop. In the shop, you can directly exchange your event tokens for mythic essence, which can then be exchanged for orange essence.

Furthermore, two particular tiers provide you with 625 OE each, netting you a total of 1250 orange essence you acquire just by purchasing the pass and playing the game.

Additionally, reaching specific event pass tiers also rewards you with orbs and masterwork chests, both of which potentially contain OE or skins that can be disenchanted.


When certain limited-time events or Esports competitions take place, players are often assigned a set of missions that grant rewards upon completion.

Some of these missions grant you orange essence when completed which is why you should always aim to complete them. 

Don’t forget that missions with valuable rewards like this are often in the back end of the mission list, so make sure to check all available missions regularly to avoid missing out on free OE.