Top 6: The best computer games of 2022

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Top 6: The best computer games of 2022

The year 2022 was rich in novelties in the gaming industry. Some games deserve a separate breakdown

Vampire Survivors

This RPG appeared in Steam early access in 2021, but only the following year it was released. In this RPG, we play as one of the characters who fights with hordes of opponents in a large arena. For destroying opponents we get experience, as well as the ability to improve weapons, armor or abilities.

An additional reward is gold, which allows you to develop statistics and unlock new heroes. The goal is to survive for 30 minutes. The process is very simple, which influenced the success. By the way, new online casinos also offer such simple games, but with solid winnings.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Who would have thought that we would be able to see another Lego Star Wars, which would be no less exciting than the previous one? The huge world is filled with collectibles and puzzles, and the story levels are varied and well reflect the atmosphere of cult films. In addition, the graphics here are incomparably better than in any other project, and its mechanics evoke a very good feeling.


If you have ever dreamed of playing a cat simulator, then your dream has come true. You will play the role of a four-legged cat and be transported to cyberpunk. Humanity in this world has long ceased to exist and it was replaced by robots.

The main goal is to find the family, from which the hero was separated under unclear circumstances. However, during the passage, you will have to solve the mystery of many years ago to leave the metropolis. It is worth noting that Stray is relatively short, but has a beautiful and touching story.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The release was postponed many times, but the sequel was worth the wait. The second part is a lot of fun. It is a large-scale and high-quality game, and the environment created in it is depressing and horrifying at the same time. Of course, the atmosphere is enhanced by spectacular graphics and excellent sound. The plot may not be the same as in The Witcher 3, but it is still worthy of attention.

Elden Ring

This RPG fully deserves all the positive reviews. Not only because we are not led by the hand, and the gameplay offers high difficulty, but also because the open world is full of exciting adventures, unique enemies, and secrets. Let’s not forget about the very nice graphic design as well.

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound breaks conventions with its unique style and familiar gameplay mechanics. Developed by studio Criterion Games, Unbound showcases a wild, animated visual style reminiscent of a comic book coming to life on screen. It is quite difficult to pull off in such an established genre, but the developers have succeeded.


The key feature of this game is its excellent style. It is striking and reminiscent of comic books, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing experience. The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of street art, similar to Marvel’s animated film Spider-Man: Across Universes. In addition, Unbound brings an extra touch of coolness by bringing in A$AP ROCKY, who fits very aesthetically into the NFS world.

Familiar gameplay

The gameplay follows the format established in Need for Speed Heat but with minor changes. The races take place on the new Lakeshore map, which is similar to Chicago. However, the urban and rural environments are not as striking as Heat’s colorful locations. The day and night system hasn’t gone anywhere either.

The control model remains arcade-like, allowing players to customize cars to clutch or drift. The artificial intelligence of opponents can be a challenge, and difficulty levels will test players’ skills.

Top 6: The best computer games of 2022

Progression and Challenges

The progression system is not limited to just winning races, which adds to the freshness of the game. However, collecting the necessary amount of money to customize cars and races can be another challenge, especially in the initial stages.

Racing is considered illegal, which means the night in the game sets an interesting gameplay dynamic. The accumulated police “attention” from the day is transferred to the night, allowing players to decide how much attention they want from the cops during night races.

Game Modes

Unfortunately, the game’s historical mode has its flaws. The story combines a teenage vibe and TikTok philosophy, which may not resonate with older players. The aesthetics of character fashion are also different.

Thankfully, the game offers a separate multiplayer mode focused only on racing, allowing players to avoid the story component. However, the online mode lacks some key features, particularly police officers, and players have to start over without access to their progression in the single-player mode.


Overall, Need for Speed Unbound stays true to the foundations laid down in Heat. The game’s unique visual style, characterized by animated characters and special effects, is truly impressive. Need for Speed Unbound is the best thing that could have happened to the NFS series. The game is really worth a try, plus it’s available now on EA Play and Game Pass subscription. So don’t miss the opportunity to try this unique and stylish game.