Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Starters

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters are picking up their Nintendo Switch and starting with gameplay. A few things you need to know.

This game is new and just in time for the holiday season. And it is the first mainline Pokémon title in the series, bringing loads of new features and lots and lots of good stuff to play.

You’ll encounter many different types of opponents when playing Pokémon Go. So we’ve created this guide to help you overcome them all.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Starters

To prevent your map from rotating, use the left stick and press L1 to lock it in place. The Pokédex icon is one of the most prominent icons in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet starters.

However, there is no way to “unclutter” the Pokédex icon. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the compass always points towards the top when navigating Pálěta.

You can’t jump off, but your horse can. So, with the help of your partner Pokémon, you can now climb mountains and cliff faces.

If you look at things from above, you might think you could jump up to get to something high up. However, you may be unable to reach everything you want without feeding your mount some unique sandwiches.

The Pokédex – Claim Every Reward!

The Pokédex

Claim every reward you earn by catching every Pokemon. Of course, you should attempt to capture each new Pokémon you encounter; however, ensure that you earn rewards like EXP. CANDY or unique Poké Balls in your POKÉMON DATABASE before trying to catch them.

You can acquire these items by tapping X while viewing your POKÉMON LIST. You may also collect additional items if you manage to capture rarer Pokémon. Get extra credit for doing something fun.

If you head straight for Paldea immediately after arriving at Celum, you’ll get lots of EXP Candy. However, if you talk to the receptionists at the front desks of your school, you’ll receive EXP Candy of varying sizes depending on your progress in each class.

Make sure you check the wild Pokémon’s level before entering an area. Before jumping into battling trainers, take some time to explore the map and get familiar with the stories. You might stumble upon a level 50 gym while still at level 20! Be sure to avoid battling against wild Pokémon until you know where they fall within the level ranges.

Fight against every trainer you encounter, from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters. If you’ve already tried these tips and nothing terrible has happened, go ahead and talk to battle trainers. Trainers who don’t mind battling will have speech balloons over their heads, and their Pokémon balls will glow with a bright light.

Defeating Trainers is integral to keeping your Pokemon at the right level. However, people wearing suits near Pokémon Centres will reward you for defeating all the Trainers in the area. In addition, these people will advise on how many Trainers you need to beat when you speak to them.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters Let’s Go Mode.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters Let's Go ModeYou start with three balls containing three Pokémon each. Each Pokémon has one attack and two moves. You can switch between them by pressing the A button. You can also press B to bring up an info screen showing what kind of move each Pokémon has.

Pressing X creates a menu where you can trade or battle. When selling, you get money back, and the other player receives the Pokémon you dealt. When fighting, you win or lose based on who attacks first. To do so, you must press Y to enter into battle mode. Once in battle mode, you can select any of your Pokémon and press A to attack. Your opponent does the same thing. If you hit your opponent, you gain.

You can battle for free, and Pokémon accompanying you will even collect items from the ground, making exploration much more accessible.

Some Pokémon, like Pawsome (Pawmi’s evolved form), need to be walked for a specific period to grow.

There are lots of tools available from menus, not NPCs.

NPC trainers that move tutors are relics of the past. Instead, like in Pokémon Go, you can change the names of your Pokémon and learn new moves by looking at their summary screen.

It would be best if you leveled up by battling against wild Pokémon to learn moves. However, if you use an Auto Battle Trainer, you won’t be able to learn moves from the beginning. So you’ll have to go through the manual opening of the Pokémon’s summary page.

When you see a tower, climb it for more fast-traveling points. For example, if you see a big rock wall with a ladder, climb up the ladder. These towers act as fast travel points that allow you to return to them.

If you’re looking for Ghost-types, you might be interested in catching or defeating these Pokémon for 50 coins. You can enter any building with a doormat, even if there isn’t one.

Every business with a doormat outside its door is a store. If there isn’t one, then it’s not a store. So, if you’ve already downloaded the game, enjoy being one of the first Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Starters!