Poker Games for Xbox

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Misplaced your deck of cards? Or simply too lazy to go downstairs and get them? Alternatively, you just might prefer the digital version of games. However, you could just be home alone and don’t fancy playing poker by yourself or for money on the best online poker sites. Either way, we dissect some of the best poker video games that you enjoy on the Xbox games console.

Poker Club

One of the first results on the Microsoft Store or even from a Google search for an Xbox game themed on poker will more than likely direct you to Poker Club. This title came out in November 2020 but still has some stunning graphics three years later. The game takes you on a journey as you get to live out the career of a poker pro playing numerous tournaments across the globe. This includes Texas Hold’em, Turbos, and even Freeze-out competitions, giving you an immersive experience in the poker world.

The interactivity and consistent updates keep the game fresh as you can play with new players all the time while keeping track of your favorites to play alongside. The DLC options are pretty cool too as they bring themes to cards, tables, and games while if you wanted to take the next step you can play on the best online poker sites here.

Poker Games for Xbox

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

If you’re looking for a fun bite-size digital casino experience then you can go no wrong with this one. The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a cartoon-like animated game where avatars navigate a well-stocked casino playing various different games, as the name suggests there are a few different options including slots and poker.

One nifty point about this game is that it is now free on Xbox, meaning you needn’t part with money for it. You might still want to buy extra chips to play but it’s free to get started at the very least.

Prominence Poker

If you like games with a narrative or story mode, then you might fancy a go-on Prominence Poker, distinctively one of the few with such a format. Essentially you start as a dodgy poker player on the wrong side of town and have to keep playing until you become the biggest higher roller on planet Earth! A decent little narrative and certainly adds depth to playing poker by yourself. If you complete said mode you can always play the multiplayer too where you can compete with other players across the globe.

Poker Games for Xbox

Pure Hold’em

Poker video game purists will appreciate Pure Hold’em, as the name suggests it’s purely Texas Hold’em. It’s a simple concept, you start at the amateur table and have to keep winning and winning to make it to the elite level and sit at the Poker Master table. One really nifty pointer about this game is that you can customize small attributes of the game like how your cards and casino chips appear.

Vegas Party

If you want an over-the-top style game then Vegas Party is calling your name. It’s definitely seen as a bit of fun and not the most serious game on the market. The loose narrative sees you and several outrageously animated characters master multiple casino games and make it to Las Vegas. There are quite a few games on it as well as poker meaning that you’ll seldom be bored with it.

Full House Poker

Remember when the Nintendo Wii came out and made players live out a virtual world and take their strange-looking person into weird and wonderful situations depending on the software you were using? Well, Xbox had avatars at the same time. Full House Poker is one such game (which is still available 10 years after the initial release) on the Xbox marketplace which utilizes them as you play poker as the avatars and interact with other people. Truly, this could have been one of the first steps into the contemporary metaverse.

The Official Game: World Series of Poker

This one is a bit of a throwback but there are a few discs still floating about internet marketplaces. The Official WSOP game came out for the original Xbox back in 2005 and was made specifically for the Xbox as this was the only platform it didn’t attract negative reviews. This arcade-style game put players in the hot seat to try to defeat some of the top pros of the time. It might haven’t aged incredibly well but it’s somewhat of a cult classic.

Worthy mention: Red Dead Redemption 2 & Grand Theft Auto

While the games from Rockstar like Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Grand Theft Auto series are not solely poker games (far from!) but their real-world expansive experiences feature the ability to play poker across multiple points. If you already own one of these games the poker plays out really well so you might want to consider playing on them for a little poker fix!