Rogue Company Player Count and Statistics 2023 – How Many People Are Playing?

1,952 Players Online

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Rogue Company

Rogue Company Overview

Game Developer First Watch Games
Release Date July 1, 2020
Official Website Rogue Company Official
Genre Hero shooter
Available Platform(s) PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

About Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a thrilling third-person tactical action shooter game with cross-play support and skill-based matchmaking.

Developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company has achieved rapid growth since its initial launch.

Within mere months, the game marked significant milestones, acquiring 8 million players by October 2020 and further reaching 15 million players by December 2020.

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With over 20 million registered players as of November 2022, the game continues to allure players with its captivating gameplay and diverse hero choices.

About Rogue Company

Rogue Company Monthly Active Player Count

As of July 22, 2023, the monthly active player count for Rogue Company stands at 1,952. These figures offer a snapshot of the game’s enduring popularity, especially considering its competitive landscape.

While the overall registered player base has reached beyond 20 million, the active player count on platforms like Steam varies, with approximately 1,363 players recorded in November 2022.

Analyzing these figures further, it’s evident that Rogue Company has succeeded in retaining a dedicated player base, even amidst fluctuating trends in the gaming world.

Rogue Company Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

Steam’s detailed statistics provide a deeper insight into Rogue Company’s player dynamics. According to Steam Charts and SteamDB, the game oscillates between a count of 670 to 2,714 players.

Remarkably, the game witnessed its all-time peak with 12,039 to 12,189 concurrent players on July 26, 2021.

On average, each player boasts 7.2 achievements, commits 9.3 hours in total playtime, and dedicates 1.8 hours to recent gameplay.

Rogue Company Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

Rogue Company Twitch Stats

Avg Viewers 115
Avg Channels (last 3 months) 60
Peak Viewers (All time) 1,025
Peak Channels (All time) 2,177

Rogue Company Key Statistics

  • With an estimated player base of 1.4 million on Steam, the game maintains a steady momentum.
  • The game’s active players on Steam tally up to 641,000, indicating its sustained appeal.
  • The average total playtime per player is 10.4 hours, emphasizing the game’s engaging content.
  • However, the average recent playtime stands at 1.7 hours, revealing a more varied player engagement.
  • From the total of 20 achievements, players can earn up to 2,983 EXP.
  • The median values offer additional insight with 0.5 hours for total playtime and zero hours for recent playtime.
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Rogue Company Key Statistics

Rogue Company Revenue

Rogue Company operates on a free-to-play model, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Developed by First Watch Games and released by Hi-Rez Studios, the game offers a multitude of in-game purchases, ranging from cosmetic items to season passes. However, precise revenue figures remain undisclosed to the public as of now.

Rogue Company Age Distribution

Rogue Company’s age distribution varies depending on regional classifications. In the US, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates it as ‘T for Teen’, meaning it’s suitable for individuals aged 13 and above.

European players see it stamped with a PEGI 16 rating, indicating its suitability for those 16 years and older. Such ratings reflect the game’s themes of violence, blood, and suggestive content.

Rogue Company Age Distribution

Rogue Company Gender Demographics

The exact gender demographics for Rogue Company’s player base are not publicly available.

Nevertheless, an analysis of the parent company, Rogue Credit Union, shows a 72% female workforce, suggesting possible gender trends within the game’s community. However, this remains speculative and needs official verification.

Top Countries Playing Rogue Company

The primary countries engaged in Rogue Company gameplay include the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

These regions not only represent substantial player counts but also play an instrumental role in shaping the game’s global community dynamics.

Top Countries Playing Rogue Company

Rogue Company System Requirements

For optimal gameplay, players should ensure their systems meet the following requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: 64-bit
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 25 GB available
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Rogue Company continues to leave an indelible mark on the gaming industry, boasting impressive statistics since its release.

Its adaptive approach, regular updates, and engaging gameplay make it a title worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the tactical shooter genre, Rogue Company promises a thrilling gaming experience.


How many active players are currently in Rogue Company?

As of July 22, 2023, there are 1,952 active players.

Who holds the title of the #1 Rogue Company player?

The specific identity varies due to frequent leaderboard updates based on player performance and in-game achievements.

What are the most popular Rogue Company tournaments?

Details about the top 3 Rogue Company tournaments globally weren’t provided in the given context. However, various esports events and tournaments occur throughout the year.

What were the most popular Rogue Company tournaments in 2022?

Specific details about the top tournaments in 2022 were not provided.

Has Rogue Company’s player count been stable?

Player counts can fluctuate, but as of the last update, Rogue Company has seen significant growth since its launch.

Is Rogue Company well-received by players and critics?

Yes, the game has received positive reviews from both players and critics, making it a recommended choice for those interested in tactical shooters.