Team Liquid’s Unprecedented Success in 2023: An Inside Look

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Team Liquid’s Unprecedented Success in 2023: An Inside Look

Team Liquid is a huge name in the world of eSports since 2000. They have made their name as a powerhouse org after dominating several games in eSports. Their whole journey has given them a loyal fanbase that will support their every venture, just by the name “Team Liquid.” 

In 2023, Team Liquid’s CS2 journey was filled with ups and downs. They were bringing victories even when it wasn’t expected from an unstable roster lineup. It took a lot of people by surprise, and the team was able to attain reputable results in some tournaments throughout the year. 

That’s why, for all the fans, we are here to analyze how Team Liquid CS2 made this switch. From the key matches and player performances to the impact of management, we’ll analyze everything to give you the details. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

Overview of Team Liquid’s 2023 Season 

2023 was a literal masterclass by Team Liquid in the CS2 scene of America. Their performance exceeded every expectation people had at the beginning of the year. 

It impacted both the game and the CSGO betting scene, which took a major hit as all the victories were becoming unpredictable.

Key tournaments

Team Liquid’s Unprecedented Success in 2023: An Inside Look

Team Liquid started their year with a rough 10-12th standing in the Blast Premier Spring Groups 2023. But it was just the start of the season. Afterward, they went on ahead with some respectable standings in other tournaments throughout the year. Those include:

  • In IEM Katowice 2023, they secured the 3rd-4th position while dominating throughout the competition.
  • Another noticeable feat they had was securing 3rd-4th position in the Blast Premier: Spring American Showdown 2023.  
  • Their journey to Paris Major 2023 also ended with 3rd place defeat, which is quite commendable. 
  • Lastly, in an online Blast Premier Fall American Showdown 2023 tournament, they secured 2nd place while losing to Complexity Gaming in the finals.

These were some of the highlight tournaments of Team Liquid in 2023, where they made an impact on each tournament.

Statistical Data 

Even though Team Liquid didn’t have much of a trophy haul during the year, they still did exceptionally well with multiple top 4 finishes. Their win rate across the major tournament was almost 61%, which tells a lot about their dominance in the scene. 

Here’s a quick table to show Team Liquid’s stats in the year in numbers.

Factors Numbers 
Maps played 114
Wins 57
Losses 57
Major Win Rate  61%
Events 13
Top 44 times
Total Kills 10095
Rounds Played 3097
K/D Ratio 1.01

Player Performances

The victory triumph of Team Liquid in 2023 was all about team efforts. There was no single superstar who carried the team all the way. However, the team started the year with a completely different lineup than the end of it. 

At the beginning of the year, Team Liquid had a star-studded lineup with players like EliGe and nitr0, who left the team for personal reasons and better opportunities.

It was NAF, oSee, and Yekinder who were there throughout the 2023 journey of Team Liquid. Later on, Rainwalker and Patsi joined the lineup in place of nitr0 and EliGE.

Team Liquid’s Unprecedented Success in 2023: An Inside Look

Here’s a quick overview of the player’s performances throughout the year in all the tournaments.  

PlayerMaps Rounds K/DRating 
Yekinder 11430970.981.08
oSee 11430971.131.05
Rainwalker 349430.890.96

These were the players who played during the 2023 season for Team Liquid’s CS2 team. In December, Twistzz, cadiaN, and skullz also joined the lineup.  

Standout player

Throughout the year, NAF was the standout player for the team. He was consistently performing in every tournament and ended with a 1.11 Rating and a 1.13 K/D. 

It was a great year for the Canadian player. Especially after the departure of veterans like EliGe and nitr0, it was his responsibility to guide the team toward victory. 

Surprising performance

Even though oSee had to leave the team right at the end, he was an integral part of the success throughout the year. He contributed a lot to the team, with a 1.05 rating. 

oSee was always the support that NAF needed to get those victories under the bag. People betting on matches never expected this level of performance from oSee; it came as a surprise for many people.

Struggling player  

One of the most disappointing performances in the team came from the veteran nitr0. A lot of people expected the most from this talented player as he has been in the scene for so long. 

While the expectations were very high, nitr0’s performance was disappointingly low. He had a 0.93 rating throughout the year with a poor 0.87 K/D. 

Comparison with Previous Seasons

In all honesty, Team Liquid’s 2023 isn’t the best year they have had throughout their timeline. It was a decent year for the team, with a lot of ups and downs, and the results were surprising to achieve under the circumstances they had.

Team Liquid’s Unprecedented Success in 2023: An Inside Look

But if we compare this performance to 2019, the picture will become disappointing for many. It’s said that Team Liquid’s 2019 was so good that they could have become the greatest team in 2019 if Astralis wasn’t playing. When Astralis was dominating the CS2 scene, Liquid was the only light of hope for NA CS2. 

Even though they didn’t defeat the giants, they were still able to give them tough competition. They won ESL Pro, IEM Sydney, League Season 9, Dreamhack Dallas, and the prestigious ESL One: Cologne.  

What contributed to their immense success was the Team Liquid lineup. It had nitr0, NAF, EliGE, Stewie2K, and Twistzz in the starting lineup. With such players in the team, they were all set for major tournaments. 

So, it’s very clearly visible that the success of Team Liquid in 2019 was because of their player lineup. In the following year, they had all scrambled along the way until a solid lineup came in 2022. 

Comparing the 2023 performance to 2019 shows a major fall, which disappointed a lot of fans. Because in 2023, they weren’t able to win a single tournament and only ended up with the top 4 spot.   

Impact of Management and Coaching

Team Liquid’s success in 2023 came from their masterclass in strategy. The management and coaching staff put a lot of time into developing tactics and strategies that focus on a certain vision and team building. 

Here’s how it panned out according to CS2 Liquidpedia:

  • Prioritizing individual player development to make every player capable of winning rounds singlehandedly. 
  • Coach Daps had much input throughout the year in creating a team dynamic with exceptional synergy between the players. 
  • With a lot of experimentation, the team was able to develop new tactics and strategies in the game to stay ahead. 
  • Shifting NAF to an entry-fragging role was a great move by the coaching staff, as he was performing brilliantly with a high K/D rating. 
  • Taking map control became the cornerstone of Team Liquid’s strategy this year.

While these were some significant decisions and strategies implemented by the team management, their approach to the roster was a big question mark throughout the year. They couldn’t attain that roster stability and struggled throughout the year.

However, by the end of the year, the team came up with a solid lineup. It’s a very potential roster that can win many tournaments.

Fan and Expert Reactions

Fans who have been following Team Liquid for a long time weren’t very ecstatic with the results they produced throughout the year. Especially after such a great year in 2019 and some decent performances in 2021 and 2022, the 2023 year wasn’t that great. 

What shocked most of the liquid fans was the departure of nitr0 and EliGE. EliGe was the face of Team Liquid CS2 for a long time. His departure turned out to be an emotional goodbye for most Team Liquid fans. 

Even in the CS betting scene, everything shook up with inconsistent performances of the team throughout the year. Having said that, they did have a pretty good year, which wasn’t expected with all the roster instability. 

A renowned Esports analyst, Janko “YNk” Paunovic, said:

“Team Liquid’s strategic depth and adaptability are unmatched. They have an answer for everything you throw at them.” 

Another CS2 analyst, Stephanie “Missharvey” Harvey, said:

“Team Liquid’s in-game communication is on another level. They read each other’s minds and react like a well-oiled machine.”


To conclude, the CS2 venture of Team Liquid was a pretty up-and-down journey for them. They defied all the expectations considering the situations they were in.

NAF has proven himself to be a dependable player even when he doesn’t have the veteran support of EliGE and nitr0. 

With the new roster in hand, Team Liquid is looking forward to 2024 and hoping to replicate the success they had in 2019. I hope all is well for the team and fans next year.