Gamers8 Event Extends Invitation To KC Pioneers

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After the success of the first season, Gamers8 Riyadh is back with a boom. Being one of the biggest esports entertainment festivals that will go on for 8 weeks in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Federation for Electronic Sports will organize the event. It is one of the must-go destinations for esports buffs and gamers. Local and international teams will compete with each other in several tournaments for the big fat rewards.

Moreover, they have even extended an invitation to KC Pioneers who are thrilled to be part of the festival and all set to compete for the 11 titles in the whole tournament.

In this article, we will go through the event details and know more about KC Pioneers. However, before all this, let us get familiar with Gamers8 Riyadh.

About Gamers8

Gamers8 Event Extends Invitation To KC Pioneers

Gamers8 is a gaming and esports event that will take place in Riyadh at NXT LVL Arna which is specially built for it. The gaming festival will kick off on July 6 and will entertain all the participants for eight weeks. Besides the gaming events, there will be music concerts, virtual game environments, and several other solid attractions.

The organizing committee, Saudi Federation for Electronic Sports, is all set to offer an immersive and entertaining experience to all the people at the festival. They are going to leverage the power of virtual reality and blend it with the physical world to entertain both gamers and non-gamers.

The federation aims to develop the gaming and esports sector and focus on the overall development of the players so that they can strive for global distinction. The organization was established in 2017 and since then, it has organized several events in Saudi Arabia to promote the gaming sector.

With Gamers8, they are going bigger than ever with all the elements. The overall cash prize pool is 45 million dollars. Besides this, there are several attractions that can be enjoyed by the people at the festival.

Details Of Several Tournaments In The Festival

Gamers8 Event Extends Invitation To KC Pioneers

There are several events that will take place at the Gamers8 festival. Rocket League, Dota2, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG Mobile are some of the events that are back with their thrilling entertainment. CS: GO, R1, FIFA, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 6, and StarCraft: Remastered are some of the new additions to the festival. Both local and international gaming teams will compete with each other to win the title and cash prize associated with it.

Here are the details of the cash prizes associated with different tournaments.

  • July 6-9: Tekken 7 tournament(1 million dollars), Fortnite (2 million dollars)
  • July 6-19: FIFA 23 tournament (3 million dollars)
  • July 11-23: PUBG Mobile tournament (3.1 million dollars)
  • July 13-16: Rainbow Six Siege tournament (2 million dollars)
  • July 17-30: Dota 2 tournament (15 million dollars)
  • July 27-30: ESL R1 tournament (1 million dollars)
  • August 3-6: StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II tournament (500,000 combined dollars)
  • August 10-13: Street Fighter 6 tournament (1 million dollars)
  • August 10-20: PUBG tournament(2 million dollars)
  • August 16-20: CS: GO tournament (1 million dollars)
  • August 21-27: Rocket League tournament (2 million dollars)

What Teams Are Going To Compete In Gamers8 Riyadh 2023 Festival?

Well, you will see a mix of local and international teams at the festival. The fixtures will be decided according to the teams participating in the tournament.

The event has invited the KC Pioneers to their event. KC Pioneers will likely go for the Rocket League as they have a solid team all set to compete with the other tournaments. In the OCE Spring Invitational, the team displayed an excellent performance. Moreover, the team has locked the spot in the Rocket League Championship Series World Championship which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Something About KC Pioneers

KC Pioneers or Kansas City Pioneers is a professional esports organization that was founded in 2019. The organization deals with gaming, media, and lifestyle domain and aims to bring equal and diverse opportunities to all the fans and players in the esports space.

The organization creates professional teams that compete in Apex Legends, Rocket League, eNASCAR iRacing, and several other esports gaming tournaments. The organization has attracted several traditional athletes to its team of content creators. Also, some have even become the brand ambassador of the organization. It is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the esports gaming sector and celebrates its Pioneer Day on the 21st of July in Kansas City. You can enjoy several perks on the day like Kansas sports betting promos on several online platforms.

Other Attractions In The Gamers8 Festival

  • Music Concerts

Several prominent artists are scheduled to perform at the Gamers 8 festival like Mohamed Hamaki, Axwell, Balqees, Lil Pump, Nancy Ajram, Marshmello, etc. All the people can enjoy live and entertaining music at the festival. 

  • Gamers World

Gamers World allows visitors to try out different games. They can play seventeen different games and some kid’s activities like Tom & Jerry, Space Jam, etc.

  • Japamura

Japamura by Saudi Airlines is a special corner in the festival that is dedicated to the attraction of Japan. Visitors can indulge in traditional Japanese activities and try out their attire. 

  • Sim Arena

Sim Area is a dedicated corner for F1 racing fans to indulge in the thrill of racing. You can enjoy the real feel of the racing tournament through the digital experience.

Final Verdict

The Gamers8 event is one of the major festivals that offers a golden opportunity for gamers and esports enthusiasts to compete and socialize with each other. Moreover, they can take home big fat cash prizes by winning the tournaments in the game. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy and chill with your family and friends.