The Best Rust Skins in 2023

Games have always been engaging, and with technological development, they have turned into whole other worlds where you can buy and sell goods with real money. In contrast to real things, trading transactions for game skins and items are not that secure. There are several ways to buy or exchange a Rust skin, each having particular advantages and inconveniences — and in our article, you’ll find out which are the best for your financial security and transaction needs. 

Ways to exchange Rust skins 

When you have played Rust for a pretty long time, it becomes interesting to use more advanced items and skins, which you can get randomly. Some of them are unique, rare, or only available to purchase with cash. So, to avoid waiting or relying on luck, you can trade skins instead. 

The Best Rust Skins in 2023

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Trading through Steam. As Steam is the most popular platform to buy games and manage your gaming experience, it also provides options for skin and item trading. 
  • Finding individual intermediaries or independent groups of players who chase the same goals as you. Through interacting, you can benefit from mutually profitable exchanges.
  • Using intermediary platforms. They usually work as marketplaces for skin and item trading, and everything facilitates easy interaction. You don’t need to search for interested users as they gather large communities of interested people around. 

Sure, other ways are also possible, including just interpersonal exchange with your friends, but they are less viable if it’s about buying rare skins. 

Pros and Cons

Every mentioned way has its pros and cons to consider. These include the aspects of ease, safety, and speed that are crucial if you’re a passionate player. So, let’s look closer at what you get and lose by using every option.

Steam trades

As for Steam, it needs to be mentioned that the platform is highly secure and accessible. If you withdraw your money to Steam, it is safe and sound till you use it to buy games or game items. 

However, as you’ve used the money through Steam and benefitted after a trade, you cannot pull your money back. For some users, it could be a significant disadvantage.


Intermediary users provide fast exchanges, and you use only the money you want for trade — these are the main advantages. It allows you more freedom and flexibility, but inconveniences can neutralize positive aspects. Exchanging with a user you don’t know well has a high risk of scams, and often it really is. Many people try to get their benefits dishonestly and use such ways. Another point, even if a middleman is indeed exchanging honestly, is the limited choice — one user can never compare to a marketplace. 

Intermediary platform

They work similarly to individuals but with wider opportunities for security and choice. Though security is still a question, bigger communities gather around these marketplaces, and to hold the audience, they must provide a decent security level. Such platforms usually take fees for using their advantages and it can be an issue. But this point depends on how much they charge as commission per transaction. 

To generalize, the platforms provide a balance between security and choice — that’s why people prefer them more often. Nevertheless, finding a reliable marketplace for the skin trade is still a big deal.

The best Rust skins at a low price

Now, from the options of where to trade, we pass to the question of what to trade. Most skins that conquer users’ attention are low-price ones for weapons, but some of them are pretty interesting clothing items.

The Best Rust Skins in 2023

The weapon category includes the following:

  • A skin that looks like Jack Sparrow compressed all the treasures to a size comfortable to hold in one hand. Realistic shades of dirty gold and random precious stones make this banal rock weapon look really imperial.
  • A hammer that brings you back to your childhood. Looking like a child’s attempt to make some weapon, it is indeed a weapon you can use for the same purposes as a regular hammer. 
  • A hatchet decorated with carved gold wafers, while the blade itself is pure emerald (sharp and marvelous). And when you look closer at the transition from metal to stone, any jewelry will seem fake.
  • The same type of weapon that looks prettier than your little sister’s bedroom. A colorful and rainbow-decorated unicorn hatchet can be a good addition to both a brutal man and a cutie.

The list also includes firearms, a bow, and a sword, which are not unique but still cool in their forms and colors. 

Clothing skins are designed for a character’s face:

  • a bandana that makes you look like a devil;
  • a balaclava that covers a character’s face like a zombie skin.

All of the mentioned items vary in price from 0.79 to $3.13.

How to use DMarket for skin trading

Using DMarket for trade is easy if you follow the steps below:

  1. Log in through your Steam.
  2. Pick the Rust game.
  3. Choose the items to buy, or select your desired ones to exchange.
  4. Complete the trade.

Look for more detailed instructions in a video on the webpage or visit the FAQ page.

Skin trading is tricky if you don’t have a reliable marketplace to use. DMarket solves the issue and offers a wide range of options with a variety of Rust skins and many other popular games. Log in now and benefit!