Valorant: the beginning of a new exciting story

Valorant: the beginning of a new exciting story

The new calendar for VCT has already been published. In this announcement, were also revealed all changes that are associated with a new season and its games. Let’s have a closer look at the new player exchange system, dates and venues, as well as at some other valuable points.

For those who are interested in the major eSports events and are fond of betting in Canada, this info is definitely useful to plan the activity and choose the leaders for the upcoming matches. While we’re waiting for the start of the process in February, it’s worth taking your time and learning more.

VCT format: what will we have this year?

In 2024, partner teams include The Guard, Bleed eSports and Gentle Mates. They are joining Tier 1 and will stay in this condition for two more years.

As for the organization of the whole system, there are going to be three stages including International and Global, Level-2/Challengers and Level-3/Massive/Premier. Each of them will last for 14 days as usual.

The best performers will proceed to major competitions (different Masters in various regions). As for the ways of qualifying, they will be different so it is also worth paying attention to them further.

Schedule and venue of the biggest competitions 

Everything will start in this gaming world in February with the Pitch League. As for the Masters, the first one will proceed in March. The planned venue is Spain. The following one will be organized two months later in China and this will be the first time in this country.

Champions tournaments usually start in August and this year will not be an exclusion from this routine. After every Tier 2, there will be a playoff (from February to April and from May until August). Only then, the Ascension competitions will be held and continued up to December.

The Game Changer part is planned for November. Actually, this is all that fans are looking forward to. Still, the number of competitions is high so we will definitely not get bored and need time to watch all of them.

What about points and how are teams going to earn them?

Points here are like in Dota 2. Participants earn them as they move on in each competition. Such an approach is called a unifying one and aims at giving more chances to everyone and making the process fair.

At the end, all points are summed up and 16 teams proceed further. This also makes it easy for fans and bettors to follow the progress of the chosen team. One can build strategies and make predictions based on this data. Thus, this approach seems to be beneficial.

Valorant: the beginning of a new exciting story

Partnership and new horizons

Partnerships mean rules for trading players that were developed for the upcoming season. In this case, any Tier 1 and 2 are able to trade players or make loan deals.

This change was provided to create more flexibility and make the whole affair a bit more unpredictable. This year, we will see how it works and then the developers will make adjustments to this part.

China comes in

China’s inclusion in this world is already in progress. In 2023, the representatives of the country joined the biggest competitions and excelled. Teams, players and spectators have shown great potential to the community of this discipline.

At the same time, China is also going to become a host for the Masters also. Moreover, its own league is planned. It will be as prestigious as other regions, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and America.

Thus, it is the fourth such league in this discipline so players of this region are really happy and proud. As for others, the level of competition is going to grow and we will see who is going to succeed under such circumstances.

In a nutshell, there are numerous awesome tournaments in the world of this discipline that will be held in the upcoming year. For now, there is still time left to get ready for them, search for the data about teams and players and select your favorites, as well as a reliable bookmaker to place your winning bets.