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This Battlefront 2 live player count 2024 guide will further explore Roblox concurrent players, Battlefront 2 earnings, geographics, user base, demographics, and everything else you can think of.

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Battlefront 2 Overview

Game DeveloperDICE
Release DateNovember 17, 2017
Official WebsiteElectronic Arts Official Site
GenreThird-person shooter, Fighting game, Adventure game, Adventure
Available Platform(s)PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Cloud Gaming

Battlefront 2 Live Player Count 2024

  • Battlefront 2 has 38 daily active users.
  • The number of monthly Battlefront 2 active users is more than 1,660
  • As of May 2023, Battlefront 2 reportedly had over 33 million players worldwide.
  • Battlefront 2 is most popular in North America with 18.9% of players.

Battlefront 2 Monthly Active Users

Currently, Battlefront 2 has 1139 monthly active players with an all-time high of 10,345 players in February 2023.

Here are the stats for active monthly players for Battlefront 2 over the last few months.

MonthBattlefront 2 Active PlayersBattlefront 2 Peak Players
Last 30 Days1,161.02,535
February 20241,1882,535
January 20241,339.82,896
December 20231,034.62,742
November 2023891.01,854
October 2023918.41,841
September 2023926.42,131
August 2023898.61,789
July 20231,063.71,906
June 20231,057.02,203
May 20231,836.84,055
April 20231,306.43,426
March 20231,019.01,939

Battlefront 2 Registered Users

As of 2024, Battlefront 2 has more than 33 million registered users worldwide. Considering how popular the game is, the number of Battlefront 2 registered users will increase in the future.

Countries With The Most Battlefront 2 Players

Battlefront 2 is most popular in North America with 18.9% of players. Battlefront 2 also enjoys a global player base with significant numbers from Germany, and Russia, among other countries.

CountryPercentage of Players

Battlefront 2 Key Statistics

  • With an estimated 2.4 million players, Battlefront 2 has successfully built a vast community. Of these, an impressive 595,000 are estimated to be active players.
  • On average, players have bagged 6.4 achievements, signifying their engagement and dedication to the game.
  • In July 2020, the game clocked in a whopping 2.7 million active users on PlayStation 4.
  • The game reached its zenith on Steam with 10,345 concurrent players, showcasing its popularity among PC gamers.
  • Regular updates, events, and community engagement have kept the player base invested and returning for more.
  • With players hailing from various countries, including dominant numbers from the United States, Germany, and Russia, Battlefront 2 boasts a diverse player demographic.

Battlefront 2 Revenue

Despite facing initial controversies, Battlefront 2 rebounded well in terms of revenue. Electronic Arts reported a 3.6 percent revenue boost, taking the figures up to $1.582 billion. Profits soared by 7.2 percent, culminating in a whopping $607 million for the given period. It’s essential to note that the game’s sales figures, especially during the holiday quarter, fell short of expectations, with only 9 million copies sold.

Battlefront 2 Age Distribution

While exact age distribution stats for Battlefront 2 players remain elusive, the game is recommended for ages 13 and above by Common Sense Media. This suggests a predominant teenage and young adult player base, considering the game’s genre and themes.

Battlefront 2 Gender Demographics

Male Players48%
Female Players52%

Battlefront 2 Twitch Stats

Avg Viewers401
Avg Channels (last 3 months)22,631
Peak Viewers(All time)120,279
Peak Channels(All time)1,530

Battlefront 2 has 1.3M followers with 70 viewers on Twitch as of 2024.

The top 3 Battlefront 2 videos based on views are:

  1. Alte Schule mit alten Spendensounds with 11,698 views
  2. Slayin Come THRU! // !discord with 1,303 views
  3. 🌿Weekly Triple XP Kush Dubz🌿!Toke !Discord🌿 with 1,289 views

Battlefront 2 Top Players 2024

derb is the top Battlefront 2 player of 2024 in the Battlefront 2 global rankings.

ConteMax66 is the second most popular player of Battlefront 2 followed by MaximusFox8.



Is Battlefront 2 Down?

Click here to check the server status of Battlefront 2.

How Many Battlefront 2 Players Are Male?

For Battlefront 2, 48% of players are male, while 52% are female as of 2024.

Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform?

Yes,  Battlefront 2 is cross-platform.

What Is The Release Date Of Battlefront 2?

Battlefront 2 was released on November 17, 2017, and is available globally.

Who Is The Number 1 Battlefront 2 Player?

derb is the number one player for Battlefront 2 as of 2024.

What Is the Most Popular Twitch Video for Battlefront 2?

Alte Schule mit alten Spendensounds with 11,698 views.