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The more popular a game is, the more frequently the number of players online can change as new players start and others end their gaming session. Special announcements by GIANTS Software, the game developer, or tournaments by famous players can affect how many people are playing Farming Simulator right now.

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About Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator

This game is simulation series based on agriculture growth and has been described as a puzzle game centered around farm activities. Locations in the title are based on both European and American places.

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Driveable vehicles and various pieces of equipment. At the same time, it features more drive-able cars and equipment in every new version (19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and so on).

Players can farm, breed livestock, grow crops, and sell assets created from farming across varied terrain. During gameplay, you will find vehicle suspension, first-person views, and the ability to move around, and raising crops and livestock.

During career mode, you will take on the role of a farmer. Multiplayer mode was introduced in Simulator version 14. Consoles have multiplayer on the latest generation models like PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Tasks in the game depend on expanding and upgrading dated equipment and machinery, which can be achieved by selling and harvesting the crops grown. Explore areas of the map, grow from a choice of several crops, and invest your returns in additional fields and equipment.

Players can also raise livestock or earn an income from forestry. Since inception and as of this publication date, all titles have sold over 25 million copies and over 90 million mobile downloads. More About Farming Simulator.

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Top Countries Playing Farming Simulator

Top Countries Playing Farming Simulator

Below you will find stats on the top five countries by active daily participation.

Germany Germany – 23.37%

Poland Poland – 10.78%

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom – 6.37%

United States of America United States – 6.21%

France France – 5.77%

Farming Simulator Player Count