Easy Tips to Beat Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has come a long way, with each upgrade being more fun and better than the last. However, there are still several tricks that you should learn along the way to enhance your gameplay as you have more fun with the augmented reality game. The basics remain the same: catch as many Pokémon as you can. Then, load your backpack with the goodies you need to help the Trainer along the way.

Augmented reality is the biggest selling point of the game and the main focus of these tips. Other types of games, including casino and video games, are slowly warming up to virtual reality, 3D gaming, and augmented reality and soon we will have more options on the table. For the time being, visit the best no deposit free spins sites and enjoy amazing casino games. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become a Pokémon pro.

Easy Tips to Beat Pokémon Go

Use Your Incubators Wisely

You will collect eggs at poke stops or as gifts as you continue with the game. These eggs will help you increase your Pokémon, gain XP and boost candy. Remember, you will need to walk the required distance for the eggs to hatch, whether it is 2km, 5km, 7 km, or 10 km.

First, you will have an infinite incubator with an infinite symbol beside it. However, there are times you will be rewarded with 3x incubators. Use them wisely to maximize their capacity and increase the number of goodies you have. Consider using the 3X incubators on 10 km eggs. On the other hand, use the infinite ones on the short 2km eggs.

This technique enables you to use the incubators efficiently. In the same breath, be on the lookout for special events where eggs get their walking distances slashed. This is an opportunity to get the same rewards over a shorter distance. However, longer distances normally have greater rewards than shorter ones.

Start with Building Your XP First, Then Power Up Later

The skill possessed by your Trainer is influenced by the XP you have. As you move up different levels, your XP needs will change. Each level-up will require additional XP. While this is a challenge, the rewards will increase. Besides, it will enable you to evolve and all the Pokémon you hatch will be at a higher level.

If you power up your Pokémon at low XP, you will need to spend more candy than you would if it were higher. So, to be strategic, consider delaying powering up your Pokémon until you have reached a significantly higher XP level. Most people consider levels 20 and beyond.

Here are a few tips to build your XP quickly:

  • When you are playing actively, consider using a lucky egg.
  • Evolve your base Pokémon using the excess candies. They may include Rattata and Pidgey.
  • Catch everything that comes your way.
  • Get into fights with friends to ensure that XP does not take over gyms.

Manage Your Bag as You Build an Army

Every Pokémon you catch in the course of the game is registered in one or both of these areas.

  • Bag: The bag registers all the Pokémon that are available to you. You can simply check it out to know what you have at hand.
  • Pokedex: This is a path that gives an outline of the Pokémon you have caught. It also includes the evolution path and the Pokémon you have caught.

Easy Tips to Beat Pokémon Go

You do not need to carry all your Pokémon; you can keep a growing collection and put it in the bag. Be sure to use the Pokedex too. Keep the Pokémon you need in the bag. You will use it to fight Raid and Gym battles. Ensure you have several high-power Pokémon, such as Blissey, Gengar, and Vaporeon. Use them to build an army of those who fight well. This increases your chances of winning.

This does not mean that you will throw away those that need to evolve. Keep them beside you, along with others that need special items for them to evolve. Such species include Onix, for players who do not have Steelix. In the same breath, look out for special edition characters, something like a seasonal Pikachu. They evolve into special characters.

Transfer Your Pokémon into Candies

The game gives you the option of transferring Pokémon to the professor and receiving candy that is of the same variety as the said Pokémon. Once you capture your Pokémon along with the candy and Stardust that come with them, transfer some of them, which you do not really need.

Here is an example: You could be having 20 Rattata. Swipe some of them with candies to power up the Pokémon that you need to fit at Raticate. Unfortunately, there is a finite number of these Pokémon that you can hold at any one time. You need all of them to be powerful enough to fight the battles that you face. Therefore, remove all the weak specimens that you have in the bag and use the resulting candies to power up.

Pokémon is an evolving game. You need to learn the gameplay; know how to maximize the resources you have at hand and plan for future battles. The tips above can help you achieve that.