42 Free Steam Games Await You in Epic Giveaway

42 isn’t only about life’s meaning or the universe. It’s also the number of games you can get for free on Steam right now.

Actually, there are more than 42 free games on Steam for you to download and keep. But I’ll just show you the 42 new free games added in April.

Here are some additional lines for each pointer:

free Steam games from April giveaway

  • Nine Realms Prologue: It’s like Diablo mixed with God Of War. Explore different realms and battle epic creatures.
  • Project Entropy: A sci-fi game, not many players yet. Explore a vast universe and uncover its mysteries.
  • Obilia: Explore a big world, meet famous characters, and find your place. Embark on quests and shape the world around you.
  • Simulation Training Room: Massacre: Shoot zombies. Survive endless waves of undead hordes.
  • Panda: Eats, Shoots And Leaves: A fun game with a panda. Unleash panda fury on enemies and save the bamboo forest.
  • SMYS : Classic: A beautiful puzzle game. Solve intricate puzzles with friends and family.
  • Auto Sale Life: Get out of jail and make a car business. Build, customize, and sell cars to become an automotive tycoon.
  • 100 KILLS CHALLENGE: Shoot like in Call Of Duty. Compete with friends for the highest kill count in intense firefights.
  • The Monarch: First Light: A cute tower defense game. Defend your kingdom from adorable yet deadly invaders.
  • Atan: Climb a big creature in this cool platformer. Discover ancient ruins and uncover the secrets of the colossal Atan.
  • Deck Of Delirium: A cute card game. Build unique decks and outsmart opponents in fast-paced battles.
  • AC Sailing: Sail without pirates, sadly. Explore serene waters and discover hidden treasures.
  • Inline: Out Of Time: It feels like Crazy Taxi in 2D. Race against the clock and deliver passengers to their destinations.
  • Hellwatch: Beat up people in a ruined world. Unleash brutal combos and restore order in a chaotic wasteland.
  • Holo X Break: Gear up and fight in this action game. Customize your character and battle through hordes of enemies in stunning VR.
  • Zoo Simulator: Prologue: Start a zoo. Care for exotic animals and design the ultimate zoo experience.
  • Ruiga Pirates: First Survivors: Looks like Vampire Survivors. Join a crew of survivors and plunder the seas in this roguelike adventure.
  • Rise Of Koreth: Like Dark Souls. Master challenging combat and conquer fearsome foes in a dark fantasy world.
  • Project Apidom: Join the extraction RPG trend. Navigate dangerous dungeons and uncover ancient relics.
  • Firestone: Relaxing RPG. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and forge friendships in a charming fantasy world.
  • Veiled Tales: Make choices in the mountains. Shape the fate of a mystical realm as you journey through treacherous landscapes.
  • AX: Portal Slayers: Throw axes at enemies. Hone your axe-throwing skills and battle demonic forces in epic boss fights.

free Steam games from April giveaway

  • Atman: Rebel Flame: A cool cyberpunk card game. Build a rebel faction and overthrow the oppressive regime in a dystopian future.
  • Speedway Challenge 2024: Race dirtbikes. Tear through mud and dirt tracks in high-speed races against rival bikers.
  • Morph!: Like Prop Hunt in Call Of Duty. Transform into everyday objects and outsmart opponents in a game of hide-and-seek.
  • GOT Simulator: Destroy a city. Unleash dragon fire and wreak havoc on a sprawling medieval cityscape.
  • Forty-Five: A cool Western card game. Recruit outlaws, rob banks, and become the most feared gunslinger in the Wild West.
  • Unreal Physics: Play with physics. Create wild experiments and watch as the laws of nature bend to your will.
  • Unbreaded is a cute 3D game where you’re a gingerbread man trying to escape a kitchen filled with obstacles.
  • Akatori: Chapter One offers stunning visuals and immersive gameplay in a 2D metroidvania world.
  • Metal Beans: A fun arcade game. Compete in fast-paced mini-games and challenge friends to beat your high scores.
  • Redacted: Survive zombies in first-person. Scavenge for supplies and fortify your defenses as you fight to survive against the undead horde.
  • Space Hat: Blast through alien hordes and uncover the truth behind a galactic conspiracy.
  • Farmer’s Father: The Origins: Survive in a prologue game. Navigate harsh wilderness and overcome perilous challenges to reunite with your family.
  • Merk Mayhem: Basic multiplayer shooter. Engage in frantic firefights and outmaneuver opponents in adrenaline-fueled battles.
  • Rise Of The Overlords: Deck-building game in a fantasy world. Recruit powerful minions and dominate the battlefield in epic card battles.
  • Motorbike Evolution 2024: MMO and racing game mix. Customize your bike and compete in thrilling races against players from around the world.
  • Palia: Explore, craft, and fish. Build a thriving community and embark on grand adventures in a vibrant open world.
  • Charrua Soccer – Mirror Edition: Classic soccer game. Compete in intense matches and lead your team to victory in this authentic soccer experience.
  • Age of Water: The First Voyage: Sail and fight. Command a mighty ship and navigate treacherous waters in search of fortune and glory.
  • Deceit 2: Figure out who the imposter is. Trust no one as you uncover the truth in this tense multiplayer thriller.
  • Forest Ranger Simulator – Apprenticeship: Be a forest ranger. Protect wildlife and preserve natural habitats in this realistic simulation game.
  • Battle Room Beta: Fight as a tiny hero in living rooms. Command miniature armies and wage war on household objects in epic battles.

free Steam games from April giveaway

Steam Wraps Up April with 6 Free Games to Download Permanently

In April, Steam offers 6 new games for free. They’re yours to download and keep.

This year has been busy for games. I’m trying hard to keep up.

If you want something new and free, check out these six games on Steam. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

  • Smelogs Playground is like a simpler version of League of Legends, where players engage in fast-paced action and strategy battles.
  • Rent A Car Simulator 24: Prologue allows players to dive into the world of car rental, managing their own fleet and business.
  • Gym Manager: Prologue challenges players to attract clients by investing in equipment, maintaining cleanliness, and outsmarting competitors.
  • Evil Sinister, despite its ominous name, has received mixed reviews, with some comparing it to titles like “Nasty Mean” and “Naughty Bad.”