Game Efficiently – 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

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Given the sheer size of the gaming industry on the internet, gamers have an abundance of resources at their fingertips that allow them to stay informed, connected, and entertained. 

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player who recently entered the gaming community, there are numerous websites you can use to your advantage.

For that reason, we’ve shortlisted 5 must-know websites that will help elevate your gaming experience and provide you with new useful features.

#1 Duoo

Game Efficiently - 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

Duoo is certainly the best gaming website you should know about, providing a platform where new friendships are forged between gamers every day.

This website helps you find compatible LoL players with a robust search engine that narrows down results based on your preferences. It’s very difficult to efficiently find duo partners nowadays, which is why Duoo is a blessing as it allows you to filter out teammates until you’ve found the player you’re looking for.

Duoo uses important parameters when matching players such as the player’s rank, favourite champion, language spoken, and region.

What’s more, the entire community that uses the platform is very friendly and Duoo’s developers created a system that filters out the toxic players. Every user has their unique Duoo rating which is a grade based on the ratings previous duo partners left, with separate grades for the level of play, communication, friendliness, and attitude.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can enjoy all of these features within the comfort of your Discord server. This is because Duoo is supported with a Discord bot Miko that allows you to enjoy the website’s full features without needing to have it open.

#2 Powder

Game Efficiently - 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

Given the massive impact of social media platforms such as TikTok, it should come as no surprise that hundreds of gamers are trying to kickstart their careers on platforms like these.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to stay fully relevant if you don’t have social media accounts on basically every popular platform and if you don’t update them regularly with fresh content.

That’s where Powder’s AI comes in, making your life much easier by giving you an easy way to create, edit, and share all of your gaming and streaming clips. 

This app allows you to automatically generate content for social media platforms by clipping your mp4 videos and VODs or your Twitch streams. 

If you’re trying to become popular on social media, you’ll undoubtedly save a lot of time since Powder is equipped with an AI that identifies the best moments and potential montage highlights from your clips and streams and works no matter which game you’re playing. All you have to do is drop a video link or VOD into Powder and let the AI work its magic to clip highlights for you.

Convenience really is the name of the game when it comes to Powder, as you can also connect multiple accounts created on various social media platforms and post your gaming highlights directly. 

#3 Guess the rank

Game Efficiently - 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

Guess The Rank is an amazing way to spend your free time during your lunch break at work or when you’re relaxing after a long multiplayer game.

This website is essentially a minigame you can play in which you guess a person’s rank or elo based on a short clip of their plays. One of the best aspects of the website is the number of games it supports given that there are 10 games you can choose from, ranging from LoL to Chess.

The game starts with the website showing you an in-game clip and based on what you see, you have to determine the player’s rank or elo bracket.

If your guessing skills are on point and you determine someone’s rank correctly, you will be awarded with 100 points. You can also miss by one rank and get 50 points but if you miss entirely you sadly won’t get any points for that guess.

Apart from the regular game, there is also a survival mode in which you have three HP and you lose 1HP for every incorrect guess, which means that the game can last indefinitely as long as you keep guessing well.

#4 OP.GG

Game Efficiently - 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

If you’re someone who requires statistical data in regard to your favourite multiplayer video games, OP.GG is a site you should definitely regularly visit.

The most common way people use OP.GG is to inform themselves about the ranks of people they’re with in-game. Apart from providing you with the ranks of players you’re playing with, the website provides you with a myriad of other useful information you can use to your advantage, such as win rates and games played on a certain champion/agent.

By OP.GG-ing the entire lobby before the game starts, you’ll get an accurate perspective of the players’ skill levels which can impact your in-game decision-making.

Apart from providing you with useful real time stats, you can use OP.GG to look up users and check their detailed stats on their profiles. The amount of data you can find on this website is outstanding, allowing you to see stats such as win rates, ranked tier, and match history.

On top of that, OP.GG is a place where you can find guides, tier lists, and gameplay analysis which can improve you as a player and provide you stats you can use to get a strategic edge over your opponents.

#5 Reddit gaming

Game Efficiently - 5 Gaming Tools & Sites You Need to Know About

The main gaming subreddit is one of the most popular and traffic-heavy video game communities on the internet. 

Boasting over 38 million subscribers at the time of writing, r/Gaming is a place where you can find hundreds of daily posts about virtually any gaming-related topic.

Variety is what this subreddit is all about, providing you with content ranging from game-related discussion to fan art and cosplay.

The gaming subreddit is a great source of news since every notable update in the video game world gets directly forwarded to this subreddit. Reddit’s system of upvotes makes it so the most relevant posts get upvoted to the top of the page, making it easy to notice the best posts at the time.

One of the biggest advantages of this subreddit is the potential to make new connections and friendships with other users that you enter discussions with. The main aspects of discussions are general game reviews and conversations in which the users talk about the newest releases and share their opinions.

Additionally, you can find fresh memes and gaming-related humour which will keep you entertained while you’re scrolling through the platform.