How to Play Fortnite on iPhone In 2024?

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Fortnite on iPhone

Eager to join the battle royale fun of Fortnite on your iPhone? While the game was once available on iOS, a legal tussle between Epic Games and Apple led to its removal from the App Store.

But don’t lose hope – there are still ways to play Fortnite with other live players on iPhone. Today, I will teach you how to play Fortnite on iPhone via cloud gaming. 

How to Play Fortnite on iPhone: 3 Easy Ways

1. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna

Amazon’s cloud gaming service, Luna, is a convenient way to play Fortnite on your iPhone without the need for a powerful device. The game is streamed directly to your iPhone, allowing you to enjoy smooth gameplay even on older models. 

  • Download the Amazon Luna app from the App Store
  • Sign in with your Amazon account
  • Subscribe to the Luna+ game channel (paid subscription required)
  • Find Fortnite in the channel’s game library and start streaming

2. Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s cloud gaming solution, Xbox Cloud Gaming, is particularly convenient if you already have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The service is well-optimized for mobile devices, providing a smooth experience, even on smaller iPhone screens. To get started, you need to:

  • Open Safari and navigate to
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account
  • Pair a compatible controller with your iPhone (Bluetooth or wired)
  • Find Fortnite in the game library and start streaming

3. GeForce Now

GeForce Now

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is a robust cloud gaming platform that allows you to stream Fortnite directly to your iPhone.

While it offers a free tier, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan for extended session lengths and priority access. I’ve found the performance to be impressive, particularly on newer iPhone models. Here’s how to get started: 

  • Download the GeForce Now app from the App Store
  • Sign in with your Nvidia account (or create a new one)
  • Link your Epic Games account to the GeForce Now app
  • Locate Fortnite in your game library and start streaming

Can I Use My Gaming Controller on My iPhone to Play Fortnite?

Can I Use My Gaming Controller on My iPhone to Play Fortnite

Absolutely! Playing Fortnite on an iPhone is a vastly improved experience when using a gaming controller. I recently tried it on my iPhone 14 Pro Max with an Xbox Wireless Controller, and the difference was night and day. 4

The precise control and tactile feedback made navigating the game much smoother and more immersive. 

Here’s how to play Fortnite on an iPhone via a controller:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap “Bluetooth”
  • Put your Xbox controller in pairing mode by pressing the sync button
  • Select the controller from the list of available devices
  • Start playing!

Compatible controllers with iPhone for playing Fortnite:

  • Luna: Luna Controller, Xbox Wireless Controller, DualShock 4
  • GeForce Now: DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless Controller
  • XCloud: Xbox Wireless Controller, DualShock 4

Will I Retain My Fortnite Purchases and Progress on iPhone?

Yes, your Fortnite purchases and progress are tied to your Epic Games account, not the device you’re playing on.

Regardless of whether you stream the game via cloud gaming or play natively, your account data remains intact. Simply sign in with the same account, and your cosmetics, V-Bucks, and Battle Pass progress will carry over seamlessly.

Will Fortnite Come Back to the iPhone?

The ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple over app store policies has kept Fortnite off the App Store since 2020. While a resolution could potentially open the door for a native iOS version again, there’s no clear timeline for when or if that might happen. 

Player Counter’s Overview

I hope now you have a clear idea of how to play Fortnite, the crossplatform game on your iPhone. Cloud-based gaming platforms such as Luna and Xbox cloud gaming offer a convenient way to enjoy the game without native installation, albeit with potential performance trade-offs. 

So get ready to play one of the most action-packed games of all time on your iPhone, moreover, you can even play Fortnite on your Mac. Yes, I know there are a few extra steps but the pay-off will be worth it.