Riot Games Unveils New Title for League of Legends Fighter: 2XKO

By Alex╺

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LOL Fighter Is Now Called 2XKO

Riot Games has named its 2v2 fighting game under development, Project L, as 2XKO.

It’s doubtful that 2XKO will become as catchy as phrases like “When’s Mahvel?” This game was revealed in 2019, together with several other projects related to the League, such as Arcane and Legends of Runeterra. Last year, Riot had to let go of about 500 employees, reducing work on projects like Runeterra and closing its publishing division, Riot Forge.

After the initial reveal, Riot has occasionally shared progress reports, leading to the game’s debut demo at EVO 2023.

2XKO is a two-on-two fighting game. However, it’s different from tag-team games such as Marvel vs. Capcom because it allows for both competitive and cooperative play. Team members can each control one of the two characters, switching them during the battle as they wish.

Players create their team using characters from the League of Legends world. So far, we’ve seen a few characters like Ahri, Ekko, Darius, and Yasuo, who use abilities similar to those in League. For example, Ekko can create time clones, and Ahri uses her signature orbs.

The announcement of the name 2XKO came with more updates from Riot. They plan to release the game in 2025, with more demo opportunities beginning in April at EVO Japan 2024. They also aim to start testing the game at home by the year’s end. 2XKO will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Riot Games Unveils New Title for League of Legends Fighter: 2XKO

Player Counter’s Verdict

I think 2XKO will be fun but not very famous. Riot Games has had some big changes and had to stop working on some games. This makes me wonder if 2XKO will get enough attention and love from them. The game lets you fight 2 vs 2 with League of Legends characters, which sounds cool. 

I’m excited to try characters like Ekko and Ahri. But, I’m not sure if it will be as loved as other big fighting games. It’s good they’re planning to let people try it soon, but 2025 feels far away. I hope it does well when it comes out on different platforms.