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What is ReadWorks?

ReadWorks is a website that’s free. It gives teachers ways to teach reading better. It has stories and activities for students. Teachers can check how well students are doing online.

Teachers can put students in the system themselves or use Google Classroom. There are videos, research, and tips to help teachers teach reading well.

  • Finding material on any topic is simple. 
  • There are reading passages matched with lesson plans and activities for understanding.
  • LMS is only available with Google Classroom, so teachers using another platform need to take more steps.

How Can I Teach With ReadWorks?

ReadWorks is great because it helps teachers with different class styles. You can print, show on a screen, or give lessons online. It’s free and has lots of stuff, so teachers wanting to help students read better or offer extra help will find it helpful. 

Create a daily reading habit using Article-A-Day sets. This helps students learn more and get better at words. Also, use Boost, Challenge, or ELL-friendly texts to customize teaching.

Give Paired Texts to compare different views on a topic. Utilize various tools to make interesting lessons for literature circles, different group tasks, or individual work.

Students can adjust text size, see passages and questions together, highlight sections, and create reading lists, helping them understand and enjoy reading better.

Teachers should consider using articles with audio narration for students. This can help ELLs and struggling readers. They can also give tests with different types of questions to evaluate students.

How Good ReadWorks Is For Learning?

The ReadWorks platform is full of content. It helps students learn new words and information. Teachers can choose specific activities and see how students are doing.

They can give work to everyone or just a few students. Article-A-Day helps students read more. Teachers can find the best articles using filters.

Teachers can check how well students understand stuff through various activities. They partner with groups like the Museum of Modern Art, The History Channel, and The National Wildlife Foundation to get good stuff. 


The site also has ebooks and StepReads. These help students who find reading hard. Teachers can use StepReads to help students without making the learning less good.

Special Collections contain texts about social and emotional learning, special days, and materials from our partners.

Some passages have audio for those who find reading hard or like listening. Reading passages include lists of words, meanings, examples, and topics helpful for English learners. Students can adjust how they view content and use tools to help them read better.

They can also make their own library of content they like. ReadWorks helps teachers improve students’ reading in different subjects.

Engagement★★★☆☆Interactive tools enhance different, interesting readings. Students can go through texts chosen by the teacher or themselves.
Easy To Use★★★★☆StepReads and narration in a human voice help teachers teach reading better. Special Collections and Article-A-Day features make reading lessons more real and connected.
Support★★★★★There’s lots of help with articles, videos, and tips. The platform is made for all kinds of learners.