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Have you been playing Star Citizen for a while but are still unaware of the Pyro System, worry not we’ve got you covered. In this Star Citizen Pyro Guide, we will be covering important aspects of the Pyro System that you should look out for while playing Star Citizen. To reach Pyro you’ll need to have Star Citizen aUEC as this place is much farther away than you would think. Let’s begin then.

What is the Pyro System?

The Pyro system is a dead, barren star system that has been plagued by an extended nova phase. Ruin Station, a pirate base, is located there. 24 years shortly after the first visitor had a hunch there could be something there, the system was first explored. Between Pyro I and Pyro II lies the Arena Commander Dying Star map by Original Systems. Long before humans began reaching for the stars, Pyro’s sun entered a protracted nova phase, and nothing is known about the system’s primordial composition. There are still six extinguished planets, none of which can support life. Every planet in the system is decaying to some extent. Any spacecraft that is not adequately insulated will experience lingering damage from Pyro’s star while traveling through the system.

The flaring star from the core that makes up the Pyro System has fully burnt the majority of the system’s six planets. When it was first discovered in 2493, any precious resources were extracted right away, and the planet’s lack of habitability was recognized. Pyrotechnic Amalgamated initially constructed an orbital platform to act as a center for their activities in the system, however, the firm only used it for a brief period of time before abandoning it. Since then, the platform has evolved into Ruin Station, a haven for rival pirate gangs and underworld dealers.

Star Citizen Pyro Guide

Planets of the Pyro

Pyro I

Pyro I, the celestial body that is nearest to Pyro’s sun, is barely anything more than a scorched, black rock that is gradually disintegrating with every new solar flare. All save the most strongly guarded ships are at risk from the perils of these flares, but some outlaws in Star Citizen have set up bases to harness their energy to power an improvised refining process. Around these illegal refineries, players might anticipate finding possibilities to either collaborate with them or conduct raids on their behalf.

Pyro II

Pyro II is a planet without its core. The Pyro II will eventually collide with its star. Pyro II had been the primary objective when the system was first discovered because it appeared to have large concentrations of gemstones forged by gravity, titanium, and cadmium. Within a period of 5 years, the ground had basically turned into an empty shell due to a tiny metal rush that saw human trade ships swiftly exhaust these reserves.

Pyro III

Despite not suffering the same fate as Pyro I, Pyro III has become unsuitable for settlement as a consequence of being exposed to solar flares. There is plenty of proof to suggest that the surface of Pyro III originally supported a more diverse ecology, but that it vanished when an unidentified event brought the planet’s orbit closer to the potentially hazardous sun. Pyro III was initially intended to be buried in lava during the creation of Star Citizen, however, the updated version will enable explorers to in fact land on its surface.

Pyro IV

Pyro IV has been the one planet that is suffering the most. It’s nothing but a rocky planet, a barren one, where there is nothing to be mined. It is gradually being drawn into Pyro V after being thrown out of orbit by a celestial body of equivalent mass.

Pyro V

Pyro IV is being drawn towards the orbit of Pyro V, a large green and yellow gas planet. Its high atmosphere’s weak hydrogen composition makes it a less-than-optimal refueling location.

Pyro VI

The outermost protoplanet of the Pyro system is a tranquil place in the Star Citizen universe, mostly unaffected by its far-off star. Ruin Station, a once-thriving Gold Horizon terraforming complex that now lays abandoned, offers its significance, nonetheless. Originally founded with lofty plans to terraform Pyro and neighboring systems, the terraforming dream soon faded, leaving only a covert and mysterious outpost. Its real origins are still shrouded in mystery, which feeds conspiracy theories. Brave explorers and pilots violate the laws of cosmology as they search for undiscovered wonders amid the abandoned corridors of Ruin Station in the emptiness of space. If you are looking to pay Pyro VI a visit, you will need a good ship, since dangerous pirates are lurking everywhere through space. Buy Star Citizen aUEC to get yourself a better ship and enjoy the space.

Star Citizen Pyro Guide

Pyro Factions

Ruin Station, Pyro’s sole human colony, is a symbol of the planet’s lawlessness. With rival gangs continuously fighting for control, it is a shelter for pirates, runaways, and bounty hunters. The preponderance of power is now held by the pirate group XenoThreat, but things might change. The Akiro Cluster asteroid field, mining locations, and pirate scouting grounds are the center of activities in the system. The drug factories at Corner Four and Neutrality, a well-liked bar and neutral space, are noteworthy highlights. With Star Citizen’s Pyro update, players can explore these regions in search of criminal opportunities amid the galaxy’s worst hive of filth and villainy. 


Though most of the Pyro System is inhabitable, it is still worth visiting. Pyro system has a rich history and you won’t be disappointed learning about it. This will be all from us for now. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.