How to Earn Fortnite Account Levels & Their Meaning

Are you confused about how to earn Fortnite account levels and their meaning?

You are not alone. We help make sense of each group in this article.

Fortnite has become one of the most popular game modes in recent years, and now players can use their level to track their progression through time.

If you’re looking for some fun activities to participate in while playing Fortnite, there are lots of different events going on right now. You might be able to earn account-level rewards by participating in them.

What Fortnite Account Levels And Earning Them

What Fortnite Account Levels And Earning Them

Your account level is the combined number of seasons played for each game mode (Solo, Duo, Squad) you’ve completed. You can see your current account level in the Career section.

An Epic Games account is the total number of levels a user has unlocked across all previous seasons. Battle Pass Levels are a way of tracking how successful you’ve been in Fortnite since its launch.

While a player’s battle pass levels can tell you how good they are, there’s no way of telling how long they’ve played the games. Earning accounts is as easy as just making experience points (XP) and leveling up your level in the current season for Fortnite.

You don’t need to buy anything to get XP; just playing the game and completing challenges earns you XP. Keep tracking the Fortnite player count to see how many people are playing and know when your best chances of filling your squad will happen.

Players can see their account level by visiting the “Career” menu from within the game itself. This menu is located between the “Item Shop” and “V-Bucks” pages.

Fortnite Account Levels Meaning And XP Chart

Fortnite Account Levels Meaning And XP Chart

In the chart below, you will see examples of Season 1 through Chapter 2, Season 5 on the max possible level XP, the amount required to reach the max level, and the maximum account level in consecutive order.

The Fortnite Wiki on Fandom is still a stub, but the chart shown will give you a basic understanding.

  • Season 1 100 100
  • Season 2 100 200
  • Season 3 100 300
  • Season 4 100 400
  • Season 5 100 500
  • Season 6 100 600
  • Season 7 100 700
  • Season 8 100 800
  • Season 9 100 900
  • Season X 100 1000
  • Chapter 2 Season 1 1000 2000
  • Chapter 2 Season 2 1000 3000
  • Chapter 2 Season 3 1000 4000
  • Chapter 2 Season 4 1000 5000
  • Chapter 2 Season 5 1000 6000