Nearpod Review : What is Nearpod?

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Subjects OfferedAssessment, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech, Digital Citizenship, Social & Emotional Learning, Tech & Learning
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PricingFree, Paid
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Supported PlatformsChrome, Windows, Mac, Web

What is Nearpod?

With Nearpod you can make and share engaging presentations, quizzes, and lessons on various topics like SEL, digital citizenship, and social justice.


Teachers make their own presentations or use ones from the library. They can add videos, images, and quizzes. Teachers can spice up presentations with drawing tools, collaboration boards, and open-ended questions.

They can start presentations and watch progress on the website or app. They can decide if students’ names show or not. Students get into presentations with a code.

Teachers have the option to engage with students face-to-face or online. They can see student answers right away. This helps students be more active in their learning instead of just listening to the teacher talk to everyone.

Teachers can decide how long lessons last in class or start homework sessions. Students can work through lessons on their own.

Teachers can check who is watching the presentation, which helps them manage the class and make sure technology is used properly.

  • Students have the chance can join in
  • Teachers receive useful feedback
  • There’s a useful content library.
  • Improvements are needed for content filters
  • Getting used to the features might take some time.

How Can I Teach With Nearpod?

Nearpod adds fun stuff to slide lessons. Students can draw, answer polls, post notes, take quizzes, and play games. They can even go on virtual trips with Nearpod’s VR lessons.

You can use Flocabulary videos and activities to help students remember important things they learned. Also, you can teach about feelings, being safe online, and fairness.

You can do all of these things in one presentation. Teachers can check out lots of lessons made by publishers and educators. You can use them as they are or change them. Some are free, but some you need to buy.

How Good Nearpod Is For Learning?

Nearpod helps teachers give feedback quickly and see where students need more help. Students can ask questions or take notes to understand better.

They can learn at their own speed and teachers can give them different tasks. Features like polls and collaborative boards make discussions more interesting.

Teachers can use follow-up questions by up-voting or using whiteboards. Nearpod helps with remote learning or when there’s a substitute teacher. Teachers can check student progress easily with Nearpod.


When teaching directly, Nearpod helps students get more involved, whether they’re in the classroom or learning from afar. It would be great to have more ways for students to work together, like a chat or shared note-taking.

Teachers who want to make the most of Nearpod can find lots of helpful resources, like webinars, training sessions, and the blog on their website.

Some people find Nearpod a bit tricky to learn compared to other similar tools. It’s better for regular use than occasional use. Searching through its big library takes patience since there aren’t many filters. You have to search around to find what you need.