Why the 97% Drop in Steam Players for Palworld Since Its Launch Isn’t a Cause for Concern

By Alex╺

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Palworld Has Lost 97% Of Its Players On Steam

Palworld, which debuted on January 19, quickly became one of Steam’s top games, ranking second in popularity with more than 2.1 million players. However, just over two months post-launch, the number of players has significantly decreased.

SteamDB reports that Palworld has seen a 97% drop from its highest player count on Steam. Since early March, with daily player numbers around 275,000, there has been a steady decline in players. This drop has led to a recent daily high of only 69,850 players. A Steam live player counter will give a better idea of the same.

The number might seem surprising, but it’s not something to worry about at this moment. This doesn’t mean the game is beginning to fail.

The game hit very high peaks in popularity. After the first excitement went away, it was normal for fewer people to play it. This is what occurred. Additionally, Palworld isn’t the kind of game that requires daily play to get rewards or complete tasks, unlike many other games today.

It’s crucial to remember that Pocketpair, the game’s developer, is still committed to it. A thorough update schedule has been released for the early access period.

Why the 97% Drop in Steam Players for Palworld Since Its Launch Isn't a Cause for Concern

Player vs player combat, raid bosses, a pal arena, cross-platform gameplay between Steam and Xbox, new pals, and much more will be added with these updates.

It’s probable that more gamers may join or return to Palworld as these upgrades go out. It is not whether the player base will revive; rather, the question is when it will happen.

What do I think?

I think the drop in Palworld players is not a big deal. When it first came out, everyone wanted to play it. It’s normal that fewer people play now.

The game doesn’t make you play every day. The makers, Pocketpair, plan to add new stuff, like battles and new Pals. This will bring players back. It’s not about if players will return, but when.