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Palworld Monthly Player Count [Jan-Feb 2024]

Palworld Revenue – Palworld Sales [Xbox & PC via Steam]

Shortly after its debut in January 2024, the role-playing, monster-taming title Palworld experienced remarkable sales, reaching approximately 8 million copies sold within just six days of its release. 

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By the end of January, sales had soared to a total of 19 million units across both the PC gaming platform Steam and Xbox. The game, which launched in Early Access on January 19, is available on PC through Steam and the Microsoft Store, in addition to Xbox consoles and the Xbox Game Pass.

About Palworld


Palworld, a forthcoming game in the genres of action-adventure, survival, and monster-taming, is being developed and released by the Japanese company Pocket Pair. Set within an expansive open world inhabited by creature companions known as “Pals.” 

The game allows players to engage in battles and capture these creatures for purposes such as base construction, movement, and combat. Players have the option to explore Palworld alone or join online sessions with as many as 32 participants on a single server.

Palworld Gameplay

In Palworld, individuals navigate the expansive Palpagos Islands as a personalized character viewed from a third-person angle. The game emphasizes survival elements, requiring players to monitor their hunger, fabricate simple tools, collect resources, and establish shelters that serve as points for swift travel. Advancements in a technology tree unlock the ability to create and wield various weapons, build structures, and add decorative elements.

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The islands are home to over 100 unique creatures known as Pals, which players can engage in battles to weaken and capture using “Pal Spheres”. Additionally, Pals can be acquired through illicit market dealings with NPCs or by exchanging with fellow players.

Once players have captured Pals, these creatures can be called upon for combat or assigned to perform duties at shelters, including foraging, crafting, and cooking, based on their specific type. Each Pal possesses a unique Partner Skill, enhancing their versatility by enabling their use as weapons or transportation.